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Problems with Facebook: Payments has been disabled due to suspicious activity

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Does anyone else get this message?

I have started several accounts to advertise my store. I use my own credit card and identity and repeatedly run into this message after tremendous effort figuring out what the issue is.

The problem is- Facebook has ZERO customer service.

They give you an appeal form to fill out, but that goes nowhere. After days or even a week, you recieve a message from them saying that they there was a violation, case closed and Facebook Payments is permanently shut down. Same with ever advertising on the site. The store can stay.

So- I'm trying to find a solution here. Is it because my account is new? I don't use facebook personally, but the whole idea of my store was to advertise through Facebook. I even have a book on it, and I'm ready to pay them as a customer. But like I said they have zero customer service. They even have an active scam site that is operating on their site which I called, and the prenteded to be Facebook, and that exists and isn't flagged, but I can't launch a promotion or ad campaign.

My suspicion is that this is all AI. It's a draconian, byzantine system that really doesn't function well. Especially if you get flagged. There is no hope. Really, it is quite unsettling. There are no human beings to make contact at this Zuckerberg AI fantasy Mega Corporation.

If you now how to make contact with someone at Facebook, especially billing- Great, I'd love to know. Because throughout all this- they don't have the human decency to name  what the problem is.

If you have run into this problem- probably by creating a new account and running ads right away, and we're blocked for it- and somehow solved it!- Even better, let me know how.

If you know of a loophole, sounds good. Third party? App? I mean... I have NEVER run into problems like this with any company big or small.

I started my Shopify store with the intention to sell and advertise on FB. So far all that is out the window because of this glitch.


Thanks for reading, and I hope that someone has a clue as to what this is and how to get around it because there is apparently no one who can answer a phone or e-mail at FB to provide any customer service whatsoever.


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