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I have been finding great outsourcing resources for development and design help but am now looking for help in terms of content marketing and photograhpy. I am interested in sending out our products to traveling photographers or photo-journalists as our products have a large social-telling aspect. 

Are there any networks of similar creatives that are looking to promote products like this? I know this can also be accomplished through influencers however, it's more about the general photos than promotion through other profiles etc.

PS. I LOVE the Shopify forums and happy that I finally made my first post :)

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Hi Sam,

Yes, anything is possible, if you find the right people willing to work on your terms. What are your goals - to have traveling photographers be seen wearing your product / using your product as a 'product placement' type of marketing and not in the form of sponsored post? Make sure to clarify the terms with them beforehand, they will be glad to oblige and create a beautiful content for you. It is still done through the Influencer marketing route, but make sure to draft the campaign goals first before reaching out to the Influencers and make sure to pick the ones who understand your point of view and are clearly on the same page when it comes to the end result. Hope it helps!

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