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Hello Everybody
These days one store is being promoted using 5 facebook pages.
There is a store let's say store A
They are not promoting their products through their official store A page.
They are promoting their products through different facebook pages. One of them is a new company with a news blog. 
Their ads get around 200k views in 12 hours and so.

I have a general store and how can i create a blog to get followers and where can I get content for my blog. Should I copy and change the content in my wording to create the blog.


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Remember that you can only see the effort that company made (their posts, ads, etc), you don't know if it also gave them satisfying results - if they made money on that strategy.

In my opinion, using external pages to promote your own products is not a good long-term solution.

If you have to put time/energy/money into creating content about your products why not use that time/energy/money into creating content that is also promoting your brand?

People buy from brands they trust - using external pages is just creating another step between you and your customers.

Instead of showing your products to your customers you choose to go from your products through an external brand to your customers.

Focus on finding people who are interested and creating good content for promoting your products.

Good luck




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Hi Nikunj, 

Content marketing is a great way to attract customer these days. But it don't work the way you described i.e. copying content and changing the words and all. You need to be very careful when you are doing content marketing. Start your blog and keep writing about what you knows the best in relevance to your business. Promote your blog posts on social media and at the same time do some guest blogging as well. Once you start getting the attention of people on your blog then you need to keep writing more to make them stick to your blogs. Use better images, videos and CTA in your blogs. 



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