Promotions for pre-launch optin

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Hi All,

I'm currently trying to build an email list before I launch, and would like to get some ideas about what offers I can try.

Initially, I went with a £10 voucher, that can be redeemed with a £15+ spend. This worked very well, but will mean I probably make clost to 0 profit on orders that are just over the £15 mark. This offer was getting me about 15 email optins per day, which I think is good.

I'm now promoting a 25% off voucher, and only managed to get 3 email addresses so far today. This is less emails, per day, and more advertising spend per email, but hopeful more profit per email address gathered.

Does anyone have any ideas about other good offers that are of good value to my potential customers, but won't destroy my profits? Alternatively, any other ways of building an email list?


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