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Really Hard Time Getting Traffic or a Sale

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Been open a week, barely get 20 visitors a day despite running ~20$ a day in Facebook ads and Adwords.

I stopped using Adwords because I got literally 1 click out of 3 days and 30$.

On Facebook I've tried narrowing my demographics down over and over and still nothing. I've tried different ads, demos, I've tried retargetting, audience lookalikes, everything I can think of and nothing is working. Despite all my efforts I have barely any visitors and have not made a single sale. I'm burning through my money and if I can't make a sale by Tuesday (when my next month's store payment is due) I'm going to have to call it quits. I really need help.

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Your products look great, so I'm sorry to hear it is not going well.

As for the timing, this is a long-term project that won't be fixed with a couple of weeks of FB and Google ads.  It sounds like some deep research is needed for (i) keywords, in terms of relevance and cost, and (ii) audience in terms of demographics and liklihood to purchase.  Furthermore, if your store has been open a week, there is not much time for organic SEO, particularly in what must be a crowded market.

There do not appear to be any posts on Instragram and it does not appear to be on Pinterest, both of which could be good channels for marketing and brand building.  However, you need a steady stream of relevant content.

Have you done any marketing offline in terms of partnerships with environmental groups, specialty stores, etc...  How about press releases, notices to blogs and podcasts with similar audiences?  Working with college groups for "street team" marketing?

It seems like your message would resonate with a lot of different groups if price sensitivity is not an issue, but you have to let them know you exist.  Small, short-term FB and Google campaigns will not give you that visibility.  If you can stick it out for a while, your products seem to have a good chance to catch on, but you need to keep experimenting to find the right message and channel and give it time to work.

I hope this helps.


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Thanks for the advice Doug.

I wouldn't be so worried about this being a long term project, except for the fact that I'm pretty much just throwing money out currently since I haven't made a single sale. I don't have a huge budget and even just paying for my shopify store hurts when I'm not moving any products, and 10-20$ a day in ads is really hurting. If I sold just 1 product a day I would be fine with it as I would atleast be recouping those costs as I gathered marketing data. But I can't for the life of me figure out why I cannot get ONE SINGLE SALE. I thought my store, products, and even my ads were really good - but just.. nothing. It's really disheartening and making me question whether its worth the sleepless nights I've been going through designing my products, store, and marketing.

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Hi Dylan:

I feel sorry that you did not get a sale, but getting only 20 visitors per day using $20 budget is really bad. What kind of keywords are you using on Adwords? What CPC did you put for each keyword? Are you letting Google adjust the biddings?

Your shop looks great, it is clean and easy to navigate, so i don't think is a problem with your shop, maybe something with the prices?

Another little thing, you claim that you are saving animals by selling totes, you should do some social marketing (maybe donating a percentage of the benefits to animal caring associations)

An offline marketing strategy would be contacting with those animal associations and try to get a situation of win-win for both sides.


EDIT: sorry i did not read the previous post, seems that someone already told you what i wrote above.


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I've tried multiple different campaigns targeting keywords around buying tots/handbags or eco/animal friendly products. I've tried doing research and watch videos and implementing as much as I could. I've tried every keyword match type, different ad copies. Nothing. Google tells me during my total campaigns I got about 10k impressions yet only 11 click throughs. That feels like a scam to me so I stopped even bothering. Considering just closing my store in 2 days since thats when my next shopify payment is due and I havent even made a single sale despite close to 100$ in ads between Facebook and Adwords