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Hi all,

I started a shopify store about 7 months ago and I see a lot of people asking for guidance so I wanted to share my story.  

The beginning likely starts the same for all shopifers, researching, editing, asking for feedback and a little praying. Maybe similar to most of you I didn't want to get help, I wanted to do it all on my own, I'm one of those stubborn guys. I was doing okay by myself, getting a few sales a week, enough to pay for the website and pocket the leftover. This was a good feeling for a few months, seeing sales come through but obviously I wanted more. So I gave in, I reached out to a local marketing firm who said they had experience in e-commerce and specifically Shopify stores. The owner met with me and went over the plan, which sounded a lot like what I was already doing, promote on social media, email campaigns, Facebook ads, but I still gave them a shot. Since then my sales have sky rocketed, my followers and engagement online has increased. I'm not writing this because they paid me to or gave me a discount or anything like that, just because I'm genuinely grateful for them and want to provide direction to fellow entrepreneurs. The company website is, if you want to check them out, they have been a life saver to me. And of course if you want to check out my site or have any recommendations it's

If you want to talk directly or have any questions or want further information about my journey you can contact me at 

Thanks all for reading and good luck!


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