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Recruiting customers post sale - reviews, referrals, re-sales, product feedback + social interaction

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Hello to the amazing Shopify Community!


I'm curious to know how you currently get customers to help out with post-sale marketing and how difficult this is for you.  How do you get help with things like: 


  • customer generated content
  • social interaction
  • donations for social causes
  • referrals
  • product feedback
  • trusted reviews

I believe that we have a strong incentive system to help get more of these activities (and anything else you may want to ask of your customers).  It will debut on Shopify and is truly not like anything else I can find in E-Commerce however, as developers, we do not live the day-to-day of you, the Merchants, and do not know the battle scars that you may carry.


I understand that you are all busy running your beautiful stores and do not expect a response however any information you can share about the difficulties you've had getting customers to help you out with post-sale activities will be greatly appreciated!  


Alternatively, you can sign up to our newsletter here for launch updates if you do not want to post but are interested in seeing our progress:


Sign ups are not our goal however,  we honestly want to see if we can be steered to create a better tool for you in this area through your feedback on this forum or via private messages


Kind regards,


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