Referral app that pays out money rather than discount codes?

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I'm looking for a referral app that is able to give customers money back automatically. Let me try to explain:
I would like customer X to be able to purchase for let's say 50USD in my store, with the chance to get that money back, IF they refer my store, AND 3 of those people make a purchase of 50USD each. So I'm looking for an app that can handle the payment back to customer X automatically when his/her referrals converts. Is there any?

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Hi @KimPersson - yup it's called VOLO. You can check it out here

It's instant cashback, merchant sets the rules of payouts, and it rewards direct and indirect referrals. 

You can check out the demo store here

Happy to answer any questions and do a personal demo for your store. 


- Andrew (CEO)

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