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Removing Google Merchant Centre VERIFICATION

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I have 1 store with 2 storefronts. The main storefront is European. The second storefront is technically a subdomain for USA traffic. Think:

I have successfully set up a merchant center for the European storefront and am running PLA's. This isn't the most succesful tactic, but I figure it's due to European volume being low. Because of this, I want to create an American Merchant Centre to run PLA's. 

I know the process of setting up PLA's (I've done it over a dozen times), but I'm having issues because when I try and 'verify my store' with a new merchant centre account on the USA store, I get the error "Can't verify, this Website has already been claimed at a higher domain level".

I know why this is happening - so my solution is to remove the original link between my European Merchant Centre and the main domain. My problem is this: I don't know how to remove the link. I know there was a code I put in (HTML) to verify the link, but can't find it for the life of me.

Anyone have thoughts? 


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Hi Uri,

If you're using the Google Shopping Shopify app, you should delete it from your European store and add it to your US store. I've worked with tons of clients using the Merchant Center through a feed provider, and they always have fewer issues when they send their feed through Shopify's app.


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set currency to $ and it will automatically run for the us