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Morning folks,

AdRoll users, how are you finding the retargetting?

We use Facebook, Google and AdRoll.

I'm finding with AdRoll there's a very low CTC rate, and high CPC. There's a decent number of VTC, but are they seen as valuble?

I target "viewed cart" in the last 30 days, whilst excluding "purchased customers". Played around with bidding strategies, currently set to "Conversions". No scheduling, geo targetting our country (Australia).

Any advice would be much appreciated, as it seems like money down the drain at the moment!





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Max from AdRoll's Shopify team here. First thing is, I'd be sure that you are running dynamic product ads in your campaign. It is one of our best performing features since you show personalized product recommendations given your site visitor's browsing behavior.

This feature is included for no extra charge to all users using the AdRoll for Shopify app. No extra dev work is needed either since your product feed is automatically configured with AdRoll upon integrating. More info here.

I sent a message to your account as well but let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi Max, thanks for reaching out. 

We were running image based ads, so I have created a new adgroup with the dynamic ads. 

Let's see how that goes over the next week, I'll book in a time if I feel we should have a catch up.