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Running FB add but No Sales yet

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Hello everyone! 

I recently setup my online store. I recently put together my first Facebook ad for an offer. It has been running for two days and I have received only a few visits and I haven't made any sales yet. I am looking for suggestions to increase traffic and conversions 

I would really appreciate your feedback. 



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Hi Rabeea,

I understand Facebook ads can be very complicated and can cost some money if not done right. It could mean many different things. Target Audience, Product, Ad creative, Offer, and Website experience. Having a few visits is a good sign so stay optimistic and stick through it and you wil be okay. Visit our post and let us know how we can help..

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Have a great day.. 

Email Me if you anymore questions:

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The way forward -

Show your ad, and audience as screenshots. This will help one analyse. Do it privately with a good ads specialist if you don't want to share publicly. 1 - 2 hours' time is enough.

The check would be - Are you testing 2, 3 good audiences, layered and with decent size.

Next - Does your ad have CTAs, does it pass the 1 second glance test, does it have a clear benefit and promise, is it visually arresting, is it customer oriented rather than being business oriented.

In ads, link clicks = traffic.

And to get more clicks, you should not just be spending more and more. Your CTR (No. of clicks on every 100 impressions) should be good. See what is the industry standard for your category, just search online. Rough figure - 2 - 3% for B2C retail.

Get a good CTR, then you should be getting a good flow of traffic. THEN analyse if you are getting good conversions, and from which audience, which ad. See your drop off points; define multiple step conversions from Add to Cart to Initiate Checkot to Purchase. Narrow down on your best product-market-messaging fit and expand budget there. 

And since all this needs time, and effort, put your social media on autopilot. Do not lose audience from there. Use OrangeTwig that will design multiple posts for you, and will share them across all the social media channels, getting you traffic from everywhere, continuously and without effort.

I see you are running a Mother's Day campaign. OrangeTwig would have designed creatives to promote this sale, in less than 5 minutes for you, shared on all social media channels as per a schedule, and brought people to your store, so you wouldn't have to. You can try them for Xmas in July and 4th of July promotions, or even non-occasion based every day promotions and engagement posts.

Here is a testimonial post by designed by OrangeTwig.

Hope this helps!

All the best.


Karan Jassar
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Thank you Karan for all the amazing feedback! 

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Thank you for your feedback everyone! Your time and expertise mean alot!

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Thanks Jarrett! Great stuff 

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Thanks for the feedback Henri.

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Hello R. Ahmad,

I know exactly how you feel in your frustration with acquiring traffic. We all go through this in the beginning. I started my own Shopify e-commerce site 5 years ago and experienced the very same thing. I tried organically and I tried paid search. Initially, I wasted hundreds of dollars a week on Google AdWords because I had no clue what I was doing. Everyone who said they could help me with SEO was far too expensive for me at that time.

Since I sold pretty High Ticket items like HDTVs and computers I was able to afford to run through the necessary trial and error with AdWords, Bing, Facebook and Twitter ads to slowly gain an understanding of how it all worked.

There are two ways of attracting traffic to your site _
Organically - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Ads - SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  

If you allow me to have a look at your site, I will gladly do a free audit and give you specific insights to help you improve your current situation.

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