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SEO friendly meta data and h1. How to?

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Hi all

Maybe someone knows, how I can create custom meta-title, description and h1 for each tag page.

For example, I have pages:

  1. - collection page;
  2. - tag page;
  3. - tag page.

, and I want to create for 2,3 pages:

  • custom meta-title (e.g. "Good Black Bags in Store" and "Shop Big Bags - Store")
  • custom meta-description
  • custom h1 tag for each product-tag page.  

I think if it's not possible with base shopify functionally, maybe I can to hard coding in theme.liquid template, something like this:

if page url collections/bags/big 
then title = 

if page url collections/bags/black 



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Hi Anton! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here 🙂

The best way to optimize your Shopify content is with properly used H tags, internal links, bolded text, meta titles and descriptions. 

Learn how do optimize your Shopify content in this video tutorial:

How to SEO your Shopify pages

Maggie Tuczapska

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Admin section already have for custom meta tags. Access pages which you want to optimize meta tags. Put your own meta tags on that pages.

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Maybe, I bad explain. I will try again:

I want to seo-optimize tags pages. which generates when I add tags here

In base Shopify generates these pages automatically and they are indexed. But they are very poorly optimized and I want to fix it.


I try to use code like this:

{% if page.url == "/some-url" %}
	{% else %}
  <title>other thing</title>
	{% endif %}

But it doesn't work

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Try displaying page.url to see what sort of values it is set to on those pages.

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