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Can all of my products SEO be automatically modified to rank higher in search engines?


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Hi Emilio - Shopify Partner here to help! There is no such software that will completely automate something like this. If there were, it would be considered a "black hat" method and would do more damange to your site than any good it will do. Shopify does integrate these two automatic SEO integrations however:

  1. Meta Page Title. This defaults to your product title or page title
  2. Meta Description. This defaults to the top 160 characters of text content.

Both of these defaulted parameters should be changed on every page for best SEO practices, as the defaults won't capture what you're truly intending to send as a message to Google. There are however some applications that I would recommend that help give your SEO a boost.

  1. Alt Text. There are a few Shopify apps that automatically define your image alt text, which helps Google know what the image is, and in turn helps rank your products and images.
  2. Image Compression. I highly recommend this because this will give your stie a speed boost - a very important factor in your SEO. Image compresssion is not integrated in Shopify, and not many know that something like this can dramatically improve your site speed. Site speed is one of the most important aspects of SEO that site owners overlook. If your site takes too long to load due to large images, it will hurt your rankings. You can visit the app store to find them.

Other than these two, there are no apps or Shopify integrations that will automatically boost your rankings in Google. You'll need to consider more important aspects of SEO such as your backlink profile and having regular, original content for Google to index. 

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Hi Emilio,

I don't think there is any such app that does this. Even if you should get an app that will do this, it will not generate unique content for your products. Hence you would end up with duplicate content for your products and Google penalizes duplicate contents.

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Hi Emilio,

There is no automatic way to improve SEO for your products. You need to improve off-page SEO on your own, such as writing unique content about your products, ask other blog to give a back link. 

However our App SEO Product Optimizer can you improve in-page SEO for products. You can do keyword research and fit in these keywords to your products. 

We are also adding keyword rank tracking for store very soon. 


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