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Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who can possibly take their time to help teach me about SEO's

I have the basics down but I wanna get more in depth like the <h1> <h2> header things (I have no idea how to do that) and the image SEOS

So if anyone can help out below it would be greatly appreciated and I'm sure others would doo ❤️

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there!

My name is Alex, I'm a guru here at Shopify!

No problem!  SEO is a really big subject, but we've got plenty of resources that can help:

As you'd mentioned these aspects specifically, we've got a guide on adding alt text to your images to help with your SEO there.  As for H1 and H2 tags, these are automatically added to your pages by your theme; H1 tags will generally be the page's title and H2 the subtitles.  You can see the structure of your pages yourself by visiting the page and, in your browser menu, selecting 'View' and then 'View Source' - that'll show you the raw code behind the page you're looking at, and you can use command (or control) + f to search for these tags.  For more info on using those parts of your site effectively, I've found a guide here that you might find useful!

Hope that's helped!  Please feel free to give us a call or start a live chat at any time, we're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


Alex | Shopify Guru

Alex | Shopify 
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Hi L&L!

    This is such a wonderful question, and Alex has definitely done a great job pointing out some resources to you. 

    One thing that you can read in these articles and elsewhere is that SEO is essentially bifurcated: there is on-page SEO (essentially header tags, page titles, site speed, etc.) and off-page SEO (essentially backlinks and content marketing).  

     On-page SEO is time intensive, but it is also generally pretty easy once you can abide by the rules. Off-page, however, takes a long time to pay dividends... but the payoff is tremendous. Here are some things you can do: 

  • Start a blog on your subject, and incorporate this blog onto your site. Become an expert on it and link to helpful tips. Blog regularly in regular intervals
  • Reach out to reporters and influencers -- really, anybody who covers your subject. Don't approach them looking for product placement or things like that -- you're not looking for ads (or you'd be paying and not playing the SEO game). Approach them with a meaningful contribution to their field. They'll give you a backlink (they know the way the game is played). You'll be golden. 
  • Link build! Here's a great technique: a lot of links are dead! You can resurrect an article that has dead links and contact a site admin and say something to the effect of, "Hey! You folks actually cover this topic... and we discovered that your link to <<insertExCompetitor>> is broken. We recommend replacing it with the more current company <<yourCompanyName>>". Free backlink!


And, of course, the more backlinks from high-quality sites will improve your SEO position. Remember that high-quality part, and good luck out there! 

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I have been reading up on back links and I'm just grasping it. Does anyone mind explaining it in more detail.   We sell noise canceling headphones (affordable but still high quality). it's very competitive and I think this would be a huge help for us. Thank you!!

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Hey guys,

SEO is about optimizing the content of a page as mentioned above, driving the traffic and backlinks. That's 03 main things to take into account when you are doing SEO (getting traffic from Google to your online store pages).

Start blogging and pay attnetion to headoines with H1, H2, H3 and so on. The clear content structure will definitely help you with earning points from Google. There is over 200+ factors to consider when you are doing ON site optimization for search engines. For me personally, I follow this great guide from Backlinko.

Traffic is another hard thing in SEO. If you already have the list of users (emails), you could send newsletter about your niche, people click and generate "traffic", so Google would recognize that people are interested in that or another page. In addition, for getting traffic you can run Facebook, Instagram or Google ads. It's a quick way, but a little bit expensive.

Backlinks. Well, create the content that deserve attention from your customers. They would definitely link back to your blog or product (with a detailed image / video description). To create product or collection pages with rich content better to use landing page builder Shopify app. You can easily create informative pages out of the standard Shopify pages.

For further references I'd like to recommend:


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Hey there, 


Head on over to - we offer marketing, design and development services to increase your ROI, decrease bounce rates and improve user experience. 

Fill out a request and we will get back to you the same day! 



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If you feel that some 1 to 1 coaching to brush up your skills and understanding, and get some direction, 

then head over to 

I offer 1:1 skype analysis sessions, and can cover any topic you like. I've already had one Shopify member really benefit from this service, so worth a look. 



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eComm SEO is a little different than your typical SEO, so make sure you find someone that understands the nuances. I consult 13 shop owners currently, generating over $80k a month, including mine. SEO is important as shown in the image provided from the latest report from SEMrush. Due to the requests I get on a regular basis, I released this consulting reporting service. I'm more than happy to give anyone a sample. If you provide the url, I'll do a video on it for you like I do for so many others to show you the power. Make it great!