SEO is more confusing than i thought

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Hey everyone,

I started my site about 2 weeks ago. I've been fixing and tweaking constantly and i spend hours a day working on it. Recently i've gotten a few recommendations to look into SEO and backlinks, so i took the advice and did independent research online.. the only problem is, it feels like another language when it's being explained to me. I just can't seem to understand it. Is there anyone who had this similar problem before and had a breakthrough they'd like to share, or any tips/help? I would be forever grateful. Thanks!


P.S. my site is

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there are no tow opinions in this that SEO is more confusing. but you can use Semruch, Revan, Moz and other premium tools like this to monitor and set all kind of seo issues

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Grace from SEO Doctor here.

SEO gets quite confusing if you are new to this field; the reason why some shop owners hire specialists to get the work done for them. It is great you are reading around but ensure you always get information from the right sources. You can visit sites like MOZ just as Yasir said to help you around your SEO issues. In the meantime, you can also checkout this app: It will detect all the On-page SEO errors with your site and give you a fair idea on how to fix them. I hope this will solve your problem. If you need any further assistance, you can email as she would help you with them.


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Hey Jared!

You're doing great so far! At least your website does look good :)

I was in the same place few months back and now my website is doing well.

I've got an in-house team that does all the work for me regarding SEO and despite not being one thing of one day to another (normally takes 4-6 months to see results) so far we doing good.

If you're interested and you've a budget in mind, my team can do some SEO work for your site as well if you fancy?? wether local or throrough the countr wherever you are, we can put you in the right direction

You can reach me on:



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Hey there,

I am with yuo that it is complex and it is also constantly changing! We have started our store more than 6 months ago and only now have started to see how good SEO infuences your traffic. In our experience, no app will help you, you need to spend hours and hours or outsource (tricky!). Apps will only give you possible areas where to improve...

Start with an amazing content and get links to it from relevant sites - there is no better way imho

Good luck!

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We use SEOManager paid version on our site. Video tutorials are super helpful. It won't give you the full suite of keywords lets say like Moz that you might want to be associated with your products but ensures you have product title, description that match a key word. Images have alt text and lets you add key words to collections.

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I use ReloadSEO. Its a great tool to guide you with some solid SEO work that you need to do each product and collection page.

The hard part is deciding what your keywords are going to be that you want to optimize.  

Best wishes to you.

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This guy rocks.  Not affiliated with him in any manner - he's simply got the best SEO advice out there.

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Hi Jared,

We can help out with your Shopify SEO, we do a free SEO audit which explains really simply the different aspects that your store might be lacking.

There is no pressure to use any of our services, we always just try to give useful and informed info to store owners that are struggling.

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Each page on your site is an opportunity to do search engine optimization for a specific phrase, and the <title>, <META Description> and <h1> are the key pieces of content. If you created a spreadsheet of all the pages on your site you should theoretically be able to choose a specific thing each page is targeted at. This tool helps you do a high level review of the site:

Backlinks & Citations are important as well. There are a lot of people that might link to you;
- any organizations you belong to
- any complementary business
- competitors that target different geographies

Good luck with it! And I'm always happy to discuss more when it comes to Shopify and online marketing.

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