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SEO Keywords question

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Hi Everyone,

I am starting to apply SEO best practices on my website and had a quick question around the keywords. I would appreciate your comments on the following:

I've read about applying the keywords in the Page Title, Meta Description and the product descriptions but what would you do if you have product variants and each variant is actually created as a separate product?

e.g. you may have a T-Shirt but have created a product for Red T-Shirt, Blue T-Shirt, Yellow T-Shirt etc. but in actual fact they are all the same type of T-shirt. Would you want to rank for all three or just one of them?

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Deep,

I'm not entirely sure I understand your question, however:

It will be harder to rank for "mens t-shirt" than it would be to rank for "red mens t-shirt".

Ranking for "red mens t-shirt", "blue mens t-shirt", and "white mens t-shirt" will all help you rank for "mens t-shirt".


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Hi Michael,

I think you've understood the question correctly.

My confusion is around canonicalisation.

Lets say you used the "Red mens T-Shirt", "Blue mens T-Shirt" in page title, meta desciption and product description, would canonicalisation then mark these as duplicate content and not rank these?