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Hi, I'm looking for some advice.

I have had a shopify website since September 2016 -

I met with an SEO company who have advised me that my UK shopify website needs to be hosted in the UK to be able to rank properly for SEO, and that currently it will be hosted from America. They say because Shopify is in the USA this will affect how I rank with google, is this correct? They have alsosuggested I would only be able to grow via paid for searches (e.g. adwords) if I stick with Shopify, and that I should consider moving to wordpress/woocommerce to grow effectively.

I'm really confused by this and I'd be interested to hear other opinions before I take on a mighty website move.

thanks in advance. 


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Rest assure you have nothing to worry about. It should not affect it at all and if it does will be very minimal. From the looks of it they just want a quick money grab by charging you more for building a woocomerce website. Which I would not suggest for a site like yours at all. Also you should look into other avenues of advertising better than SEO for purses.  Influencer Marketing would be very ideal for you. You can check out 

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Hey Heather! Great store. Some of our clients actually sell similar stuff, like purses. Which brings me to my feedback to help you with sales:

Let’s say you have an email promotion for a purse. The question to ask is, “What can we do with that?” And it depends on what data points you have for them. 

Some examples: 

*What they're doing on your website 

*Their purchase behavior 

*IP address to know your location 

*How they're reacting to emails if they're opening them and clicking 

Those are all signals that are quick to tell you, wow this person that is opening all 20 of the last emails we sent, but he's never made a purchase. That person might be primed to make a purchase of high value you that you are not aware of.

Anyway, we wrote a useful blog post about this very topic of cross channel marketing, and I think it would be useful for you:

Hope that helps! Good luck.

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For getting rank there is no connection where your site is hosted.You can get rank if you do perfect SEO and others marketing advertisement.