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Shopify to Facebook to instagram

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So I have my shopify linked to my Facebook which is sopposed to update my Instagram products. But I find Facebook doesn’t update quickly which causes my Instagram to not let me tag products. Is there something I can do?

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It sounds like youre talking about your product catalog.

You need to update it more frequently.

I use turbo retargeting which manages my product catalog and updates every 24hrs.

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Is that an app in shopify?

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I update my products weekly and I'm still stuck on this too. Turbo retargeting is $49 a month - this should happen organically as the spiders crawl through and update. imho.

I STILL have products on my FB page that have been sold out for months.

I tried shutting off the Shopify-side of it but it doesn't work after wating a week for it to update. I'm now trying to shut-down the FB side of it for a couple of days. I'm leaving the shopilfy-side off too. I'll reconnect it and hopefully it will work.

Kinda ridiculous.