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So, I now have a Facebook page. Now what?

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How to offer high quality content on my page? What to post? How frequently? (I read somewhere 2 times per week, that seems ok for me.)

I want to appeal to my customers by offering them something more than advertising. I don't have good product images since I dropship. I also want sales, that would be nice, but I want that advertising content to be sleak, not annoying and aggresive.

Any ideas where to start? I want to make my own photography, but that will take a while. Is there something I can do right now?


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Hi Alex,

How to post high quality content?


What to post?

These questions are resolved by qrator (soon-to-be-launched) by OrangeTwig. Check out the video explaining this product.

If you don't have time to go looking for great content, suited for your users, OrangeTwig will make suggestions, and also allow you to queue the content you find on your own, for sharing.

You mentioned you don't have great product images. In this too OrangeTwig helps as it shows your products in professionally designed layouts, that add the design factor that your images may be missing; layouts like this (you can edit colors, text if you like):


And so that you stay relevant and current, OrangeTwig offers design templates based on upcoming occasions like Father's Day, 4th of July.

Ok, let me clarify one thing -

OrangeTwig provides you non-product related content, as well as shows off your products in design templates. The first feature (non-product content) is going to be launched soon. The second is already launched and used by 18,000 people, where you can show off your products and create engaging posts like Tag a Friend, Which do you like better - A or B, quote based image etc

You also asked How Frequently to Post?

As a default, I'd say daily - once on fb, once on pinterest, once on instagram and maybe thrice on Twitter (because Tweets have such a tiny lifespan). Instead of logging into each channel and uploading individually you can just let OrangeTwig do this for you.

I am promoting OrangeTwig here, since I see it is a direct and perfect answer for the questions you brought up. There are many others features too, such as OrangeTwig lets you run Daily Deals and promote them on social media, thereby creating urgency and triggering sales. It also suggest the best hashtags for Instagram that increase your discoverability A LOT.

Go check it out. Start your free trial. And when Q-rator launches, the team would happily extend your free trial. They are very responsive.

All the best!

P.S: You asked - Is there something I should do right now?

Yes, Start using OrangeTwig as it will take the work of creating content and posting on each channel off your hands. This will just get going for you for the month ahead. Meanwhile you can do other things (until qrator launches) like finding relevant videos and posting them too. Example - You sell sunglasses and post a video of Audrey's Hepburn's classic large shades.

Start by using OrangeTwig's non-push design templates; those that do not say 'Buy Bow' or 'Shop Now'. Rather they say - Tag a Friend Who'd Love This, Quote based images etc




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You should post daily interesting content with images and share your product related information. Share interesting images to attract the customers.