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What is the best way to attract facebook and twitter followers?
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Social media platforms are a medium that allows you to connect, share, engage and grab knowledge. Facebook and Instagram are both social media platforms, so the strategies implemented to attract followers on both media remain the same.

The best ways to attract followers on Facebook and Twitter are-

  • Tweet/Post regularly.
  • Optimize your posting time.
  • Post visual content
  • Use hashtags
  • Engage with replies, comments,  retweets, and tags.
  • Build an appealing profile.
  • Identify followers within your network.
  • Follow other users. 
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Here are some of the tips to get more followers on facebook and twitters:


  1. Put a professional photo:They usually look at you as your profile before someone follows you. So finish everything and make sure you have a good image, or at least one that attracts people's attention.
  2. Post, Like and Comment: It's not surprising that people will not return to you unless you post, comment and like their photos, videos and more - it's the fastest way to get followers.
  3. Schedule your posts on a daily basis: Planning social media campaigns not only saves time but also increases the number of followers. Because it provides the conditions and forecast. Your followers are ready to receive posts from you at special times of the day. If you stop posting, it stops the radar.
  4. Always get contacted by your followers: Social media platforms are not about who knows you! Take advantage of links from other social networking sites by linking to your Twitter account in announcements and updates.
  5. Be always involved in social media conversations: social media platform conversations are a great way to see how motivated people are and how they are followed. Maybe you want to follow them or they follow you first to get attention.
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Some of the best ways to attract Facebook and Twitter followers are:

  • Tweet and post frequently.
  • Optimize posting time according to the target audience.
  • Post more visual content.
  • Utilize hashtags.
  • Engage yourself with replies, retweets, and tags
  • Create an attractive profile.
  • Draw in followers outside of Twitter.
  • Write a professional bio.
  • Make sure your content is shareable.
  • Reshare other people’s content.
  • Reach out to influencers.
  • Stay active.


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