Store doesn't meet Google Merchant Center's requirement, but don't understand why?

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My store seems to not meet Google Merchant Center's requirements, specifically "confirm that you have contact information visible on your website".

However, I have displayed the information at the footer (email and phone number), and I even have a dedicated page "Contact Us":

This is my store:

Any suggestions why? 

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Have the same issue, would love to see how to overcome

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You need at least 2 methods of contact on the contact page and a web form does not count. You have a physical address and email which should be sufficient. Contact their merchant support team to resolve the issue.

From Google's documentation:

Make sure that relevant information is easy to access throughout the checkout process, and that customers can easily find refund and return policy information, available payment methods, terms and conditions, and specific contact information. You should provide at least 2 of the following: support contact email, phone number, and company physical address.

Note: A “contact us” form is not sufficient for your contact information. Make sure you explicitly list out your contact information (email, phone, and physical address).

Omission of relevant information is considered a misrepresentation of self or product. Failure to comply with Shopping ads policies can result in your ads being disapproved or your account being suspended.

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