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Traffic but no sales

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Hello everyone, I'm new to Shopify and I was wondering why I am getting lots of traffic but no sales. We average about 160-180 visitors but only have made 3 conversions. I want to share my creations to the world but I want to know what I am doing wrong with my website. Feedback on the overall website would generally be appreciated as well 🙂

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Hi Lisandro! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here 🙂

Your store looks great, and as you are already getting traffic, that's a good news. I can happily report there's nothing wrong with your website. The only reason why your sales are slow at the moment is that you have only a few items for sale - consider adding more designs, to offer a bigger selection and you will see your sales increase. Best of luck!


Maggie Tuczapska

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If you have had 160-180 visitors total, this is a very small no. and 3 conversions from this is ok.

You can address 2 things here
1) Driving traffic to your store (organicaly, or by ads)
2) Improving your conversion rate (by website optimization, or by retargeting your visitors)

I saw your shop. I could see only 1 item in men's products, and only 1 in accessories. Unless this is a temporary situation, this is a real problem of course.

I would suggest FIRST work on your inventory, then on traffic (both ads and by social media posting). Then concentrate on website optimization as you gather data around drop off points. And then do retargeting. It's a game of prioritizing the right thing at the right time.

All the best!

Karan Jassar
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I am going with the two ladies said above.   That t-shirt or that accessory might have got 160 people interested but not precisely what they are looking for.  It creates an "upsell" or a "cross sale", they come via the t-shirt promotion from where ever but buy something else. 

So more inventory, even if it's a different variation of the same design or use multiple products for each color or hues of colors of the t-shirt. Your shop looks empty so filling it up in some manner might help draw more interest.

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What are your traffic sources? You need to make sure that you targeted right visitors.