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Trouble Making First Sale Few Months In

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Hi All,

Launched my store for cryptocurrency inspired t-shirts beginning of Decemeber, it's t-shirts so figured I should be able to validate at least one sale.

I've done a Google AdWords round for ~$100, and I've had about 2 abandon carts. With light traffic daily, I'm suprised I can't seem to make a sale.

Any advice on what I could be improving with regards to my marketing? Or is it just a patience game?

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When it comes to advertising on Google Adwords, it is not a simple setup and hope for the best. Not every keyword you assume would work, woudl work in a live environment.

For DIY merchants, I always recommend Google Shopping, the return of investment is higher. The key when it comes to advertising is, do not allow all search terms, for example : If you would allow t-shirts or cool t-shirts or yellow t-shirts as your search terms, than the buy intent will be extremely low as it does not match with what you have. Instead you need crypto t-shirts or crypto currecy t-shirts. Yes the impressions will be very low but that is your target audience. As you are not a brand, bidding for generic search terms is just a big waste of budget.


So focus on highly relevant search terms, not generic.


Hope it helps.

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Hi Rob,

Speaking as a buyer of cool T-shirts, I don't usually go online searching for the shirts I have, I'm more likely to buy when something is in front of me that takes my interest.

With that in mind, perhaps Facebook ads might be a good option for you.

Additionally, $125 spend to get free shippings seems a little steep. If you're having trouble selling 1 shirt, then getting somene to by 6-7 is a big ask.

Maybe FREE shipping when you buy 2 shirts would give somone a push into buying 2 shirts if they were tempted to buy one.

When I buy shirts, I'm always a little worried about them being really thin and cheap. Perhaps push the message that your shirts are good wuality, talk about the thickness, etc.

And because I think it would appeal to more people, maybe try designing some shirts around Crypto Kitties. I don't know where you stand on copyright, but I think that could be an interesting range.

Also, you could split your products up into categories, e.e.g etherium shirts, Bitcoin shirts, etc. I think the site could be made to look a lot more trustworthy with some redesign.

If a cool shirt that I like pops up in my FB feed, then I don't usually have many reservations about spending £20 on it. I would hope for free shipping, and I'd have a poke around the website, to get a feel for the brand.

I hope this is helpful. Good luck.



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Hi, Rob! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here 🙂

First of all, amazing tips by Steven, I love his view on things.

When it comes to your store, you are in a very narrow niche, which is fantastic. But, you have to look at it from the perspective of a customer - do people really want to buy Bitcoin shirts? How big is the market? Is it for someone dealing in Bitcoins [doubt it] or some teens who want to wear some dopey t-shirts [more likely]. Going further that route, see what your target market is already wearing - do teens wear Bitcoin shirts? Maybe, but it’s not the big market enough for you to focus on.

I recommend selling T-shirts as you do but perhaps expand your designs further. Make sure to get to know your target audience and find out what other designs they love, what really fires their imagination, what kind of T-shirts are they already buying etc.

Further on, establish which places do they hang out? Facebook, most likely, won’t be the right place. They play games online, visit chat rooms, etc. so make sure to be featured in the right place. As Steven said, he buys shirts on a whim, as he sees the catchy design [presumably as an ad on the sites he visits regularly]. That’s my take on getting more relevant traffic - and by getting more relevant traffic, you will improve your conversion [sales].


Now, in terms of the design of your website, there seems to be a huge gap above your logo and header area, which pushes the website content down the page. It gives a slightly uncomfortable feeling, as if your website was crooked to some extent:



Also, the currency symbol in the bottom left corner overlaps your side menu, so I cannot possibly click on any link below About Us [I assume there is a Contact us page below, and perhaps others]. Make sure to change the layout of this element.

Your homepage lacks engaging elements - you simply display your products in a grid. Your homepage looks like it’s been put together in a hurry. Consider adding more elements here to engage with your visitors and keep them browsing for longer.

Google prefers websites where customers spend longer time browsing, as it assumes the websites deliver valuable content for the visitors. This effectively means that Google gives websites like this a priority in the search results. Make sure to work on extending the time spent on your site, by optimizing each page and making it engaging.

Tell more about your brand, your message, why are you inspired by Bitcoin designs, and give them a good reason why should they be inspired, and why they should buy from you? Hint: price / free shipping won’t be good enough here. Make sure to tell them how your brand is different from other T-shirt stores out there, and what kind of values/benefits you can offer to your buyers that others cannot.

Add trust signals - About us page, Shipping and Returns page. This alone will help you convert visitors into buyers. People are not likely to buy from you, if they cannot get in touch with you, see the delivery rates or return policy. Make sure that’s the first thing you sort out.

About Us - consider adding this page. The more content you have, the quicker you’ll start ranking in Google. Make sure to tell more about your brand, your story, what inspired you to start this business, and also add a photo of your team and your warehouse / retail premises if you have one. Add internal links, H tags and bolded key phrases to target your specific keywords. Also, add a buffer area between the text and a map on this page to give these elements a better layout. Learn more: How to completely SEO your Shopify pages.

Returns policy - consider adding this page as well and explain in detail how the return process works, how long does it take for you to respond to the request, will you send a courier to collect the product, or will your customers have to pay to send the item back to you? What is your email address? How will you refund? Do you refund 100% or deduct the shipping charge? All this information puts your customers at ease when shopping with you and it builds trust. Trust equals conversion. So, the more people trust you, the more they are likely to buy from you. It is a strong trust signal and the first piece of information people are looking for before placing an online order. Read more: Complete Guide to Writing a Returns Policy.

Shipping page - consider adding this page, and display your delivery rates table, and inform people more about the shipping process. What couriers do you use? Can they track the parcel? Can you ship to alternative address [like work]? The more info you add and more questions you answer, the more people will trust your store. Trust will then translate into sales = people shop from the websites they trust.

Contact Us page - Add a short paragraph [2 sentences] to encourage people to take action. It is a good practice to always write a short intro to each page when optimizing websites. Something along the lines: “Contact us today with any questions. Fill in the form below and click “Send”. We will get back to you within 24 hours” will be perfect.

Blog - consider blogging regularly. It’s a great way to bring the most relevant traffic to your store and create a rapport with the potential shoppers. People buy from people, not from brands, so showing your personality and an expertise through the blog posts will have a major impact on your conversion rate [sales per visits].

Blogging regularly will help you reach Google Page 1 quicker. Each time a new blog post is added, a new page is indexed by the search engines. If you were to post once a week, by the end of the first month, your website would double the number of pages indexed by the search engines.

Within a month, your website would go from 10-20 pages in the search engine pool—to 30-40 pages that can possibly be returned in the top spot on Google. Stretch that out over the course of a year and our 10-20 page website now has around 250 pages indexed in the search engines.

Each indexed page adds another ticket to the great Google lottery. The more tickets you hold, the better chance of winning the top spot in the search engine rankings.

Your collection page and product page look excellent. I would recommend however writing longer and more detailed product descriptions.


SEO score: 51/100


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