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URL with duplicate content

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can anyone help me please? I made collections (they are not in the main menu, for keyword purposes only)




These collections have same products, but different meta desription and title. I think its not seo friendly, duplicate content (same products). How solve this problem? I used these collection in my blog posts and urls are crawled by google.

I have some ideas, but i am not sure which is right one.

1) Add to collection unique items, but will be not up to date, becouse i have only few items

2) Make 301 redirect to main collection (.com/women-fitness-leggings) in Menu

3) Delete these collections

I think 2 is winner, but i am not sure.


Thank you very much


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Are they exactly the same lists of products, or similar?

Personally I don't think dupe content on ecom category pages is that big of a deal - it's pretty much normal in ecommerce. Especially when you put it in context of Shopify, there are much larger dupe content issues inherent to the platform like multiple URL's for a single product and collection tag pages.

But if you held a gun to my head and forced me to pick one of your options I'd go for 1 because it's the only option that stands a chance to show up for 3 category search topics, internal 301 redirects are an even less optimal solution, and removing pages means effectively you're never gonna show up for that thing the page was about.

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IMO, you are correct in that #2 is the better option of the three. Also if you could set rel=canonical tags to your main category. that would reinforce the authority you're trying to set for the /women-leggings/ page.

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KieranR: The products in category was same i mixed each category by different products. Thank you very much

AnnaC_: Where i can set up for these category please?




So these three rel=canonical to main cat /women-fitness-leggings/ yes, I need the the highest authority on this category