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UTM tagging a Google Shopping campaign

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Is anyone familiar with a way to append UTM tags to an AdWords shopping campaign while using the Google Shopping app (developed by Shopify)? I would like our Google Shopping campaign to show up in the Shopify "Sales by marketing campaign" report. Unfortunately, it requires that we tag our shopping campaign with the correct UTM tags. Shopify chat support said it's not possible in the dash but curious to know if anyone else has a workaround.

Thank you!

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Actually you just need to add "UTM tag" at the end of landing page URL. I use UTM Builder from Google -


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Hey Antony,

Thanks for the suggestion. However, we don't have direct access to the data feed as it's submitted to Google directly from Shopify using their official shopping app. Otherwise yeah, it would totally make sense to just append the UTM tags to the landing page URLs. 

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Hi Aaron,

Please consider using our app, ShoppingFeeder. We're highly rated and allow you to add custom UTM tags to all inbound links for various channels. In addition, we offer much-needed support for custom attribute mapping, custom labels, etc.

Would be delighted to have you as a customer.