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We have low traffic and conversion rate ...

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would love some feedback about our website. We have low conversion rate and traffic so would like to know how we can improve it!

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The site looks pretty good but on-page SEO needs done.  I'm don't believe google can tell what your site's about.  Sweetwaterlabs isn't descriptive nor does it include any keywords your potential customers might be looking for.  

I would worry about getting traffic first and once you get traffic (or hire someone to help) you can focus on converting them.  That's a whole other set of chapters in the book.

We hired these guys to help us and the improvement over the last 3 months has been dramatic:

Keep in mind that building a new retail business takes time and effort.  Google won't put you on page 1 unless you pay them or you earn it over time.



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Hi Nadia,

How to get traffic? 

  1. SEO - Works well but this is a very slow process.
  2. Fb ads - These should work right away if done properly
  3. Social media marketing. This is important for two reasons. 1) Whoever comes to your site wants to see some social proof and not buy from an unknown brand that has no community, users, testimonials. 2) It is your fans and followers who are the most likely to buy from you, being exposed to your product over some time, reading details about what goes into your products, and jumping at the chance of a discount or promotion.

I noticed you have shown social channel icons on your site, but these are not actually linked to your profiles. Do link!

I also noticed your last post on social media (facebook) was on 11 April, around 4 posts on the same day and before that on March 23. This is infrequent posting in bursts.

This happens often with new sellers. There is simply no time to keep posting on social media, or time to create the posts in the first place. But one should, because these posts are a major traffic driver.

Use tools like OrangeTwig that will both create the posts for you, and share them on ALL the social channels. I see you don't use Twitter yet. Why not get traffic from there too? Don't close any avenues of traffic and sales for yourself. With OrangeTwig automatically post at least daily, for weeks, on all channels.

You will be able to create a range of content with OrangeTwig should you choose to do it - Testimonials, Tag a Friend Who'd Love This, Which Product Do You Like Better - Rosewater Toner or Aloe Toner?

This will keep people engaged. And every image will always have a link that leads people back to your store, thus increasing your traffic. With OrangeTwig you can also share posts about offers and discounts that drive people to convert into customers, especially with limited time discounts, like 'Daily Deals' by OrangeTwig.

One observation - In most of the product listings on your site, the name of the product is not clear at all. One has to read the name on the bottle. Like read this - 'complete vitamin serum. anti-aging. antioxidant. hydrating. food for your skin.' How does one know what is the name, and which part is the description. The way it is named and also the way it is written on your site, needs to clearly show the name of the product, so I can say to my friend - Hey I bought an Aloe Lotion. Even Aloe Lotion is generic. So, SWL Aloe Lotion. Put the Brand name in there. Like people say Garnier facewash.

Ok, getting back to traffic - 
It's one thing to share posts with your fans and followers. But how to get new ones? By using hashtags that will drive loads of traffic to your instagram profile. You can get these too with the InstaSuccess tool by OrangeTwig. It will be interesting to see how fast your Instagram base builds up.

For your reference, these are the kinds of social post designs OrangeTwig will make for you:

Ok all the best!

Karan Jassar
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