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What am I doing wrong?

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My store has been open two weeks and was getting about 200-300 views per day but now it's barely getting 20! I have facebook ads and instagram ads which is where most of my traffic was coming from but now on my analytics it shows that they aren't bringing any traffic. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!!


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Hi Cristina,

Great line of stationary products.

It is very tempting to try ads to get quick results like clicks, few email subscribers, 1 or 2 sales here and there but they are highly unreliable at the same time.

I noticed that you don't have any Blog at your website. 

That's a Big mistake. Having a blog can help you target potential customers through Google who are searching for terms (Planners, Writing pads etc.) and are interested in buying them.

One huge downside to using ads is that they send you people who are not looking to buy. Ads are shoved in their faces, sometimes they click, sometimes they don't.

A better way to increase your conversions and sales is to collect the email addresses of your potential customers, warm them through a series of emails and then pitch them your products.

If you want any help, feel free to shoot me an email at

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Hi Christina, 

You have a beautiful website and absolutely lovely products. 

I think this drop is mostly because of ad fatigue. Most of your audience has already seen your ads.

Who are you running these ads to? Have you created this audience from scratch? For creating a new audience you should definitely look at Facebook’s audience insights. It’s very easy to use and you’ll get a wide range of audience. I’d suggest keep different audiences ready so that you can rotate them to avoid fatigue. 

In my experience of running ads for OrangeTwig, custom audiences work better than new audiences. I noticed that you are collecting emails. You can run an offer or a discount ad to these people. Upload this list of emails and create a custom audience for them. 

Another audience that you should definitely explore is website visitors. For this, you’ll need to place a pixel on your website. You can do this from your Shopify dashboard. This audience is targeted and has a much better chance of converting. This audience works best if there is constant traffic to your website. 

Use social media to drive traffic to your website. Social media continues to stay one of the best sources of referral traffic. As a busy seller, it's just not possible to to invest time in all social channels. I’d suggest that you pick one social channel and grow that. I feel Instagram is the best of the lot. Posts on Instagram get better engagement than any other channel. And visitors who come to website from Instagram are much less likely to bounce off than other sources of traffic. 

Good thing is that your products are very Instagram friendly. All you need to do is use the right hashtags and make your posts clickable. Use OrangeTwig’s Insta-Success toolkit for both: 

  • Get the right hashtags: the Hashtag research tool will help you get trending and related hashtags. 
  • Make your posts clickable: making posts clickable is essential for conversions. Check out how you can make your posts clickable: Clickable Posts

You can get started for FREE here. OrangeTwig 

And here are some articles that you should find useful: 

I hope this helps!

- Karan 

P.S - You can also ask your specific questions in Seller Success Facebook Group 



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Facebook a waste of money. Spent $5700 in 2015-2016 with no results. Run in free groups is the best bet. Pinterest is the best. without spending a dime 90% of my website sales come from Pinterest. Just pin to a free Business account. Paid pinterest my work but havnt tried yet.

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Congratulations on getting a lot of traffic from Instagram and Facebook ads, I unfortunately wasn't as successful with Facebook and Instagram, however, i have had success with google shopping ads, i advice you to play around with them. I made my first sale the first day of using google ads, after spending quite a lot of money on Facebook and Instagram ads. 

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I love your site. 

Are you doing Organic SEO? I personaly believe that it would help your site.  You need to find out your store SEO problems.  It is important to do on site and off site seo.....

Good luck

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Hi Cristina, 


Thank you for posting this in the forum! I am having the same issues with my website and I was questioning what I was doing wrong. Unfortunately, I can't even get a sale on mine. 😞  I hope what everyone is commenting and suggesting works and I wish you all the best! 


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Thank you all of you guys . I am having the same difficulty getting the traffic and sales . 

I have tried facebook ads but even made one sale although I have been posting in buy aND sell groups and made 10 sale last month's but now I could hardly get 10 to 15 visiters daily which is not enough so ...


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Another thing to check is what percentage of your visitors are on mobile devices. It seems that your hamburger menu disappears on screen widths less than about 460px. So that would mean visitors on mobile have no way to navigate your site.

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IDK what to tell you about traffic, but when I looked @ a couple of products there was no copy attached to them.  Some words about why the product is great, what it's made from, how to use it, etc.  There was no complelling reason to buy aside from the looks of the offering - which is nice - but unfortunately, not enough to sell me.

For what it's worth...

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Hi Cristina,

Couple things to consider doing:

  • Delay the email collection pop-up. No one is realistically going to sign-up without having had a chance to browse around your store first.
  • The “Shop” button on your frontage banner is not very visible. You should consider changing the color to make it stand out more.
  • Your “ADD TO CART” buttons look like they are disabled. If you’re not getting many people adding to cart, this is probably why.
  • Your product descriptions are incredibly lacking. You should be using them as an opportunity to explain why the product is awesome.
  • You should add product reviews to your product page
  • Add a product image zoom feature




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Hey Victoria, did you do any organic seo work on and off your site? I also don't get sale.  But i have the belive that is it because i can't afford anyone to help me with SEO.  And it is to difficult for me to do..... to much time to get into it.

I have this idea that if i get help with seo then i will get sale. 

Am i totally wrong? 

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For me personally, having to develop a website from our remote location with limited access to professionals I can sit down with was the initial drawback to having a website. I really like the one on one, face to face with my work.

I understand people use outsourcing etc. I've used it myself, however as a novice to the area of websites, it's been an incredibly difficult road to getting to this stage we're at now.

I got to the point about a year ago, where I thought "why be drawn into all of this if it isn't making me happy..and if the 'system' of having a website is not earning it's keep?" I didn't enjoy doing it and wondered why on earth I continued to do it. Well, it was done purely because I felt it was a 'requirement' of selling these days...because that's what people kept telling me.

I've become tired of 'information overload' and will look forward to eliminating the website and any related unnecessary social media which has not performed to keep up with the money paid out.

I remember when I was much younger and I used to hear people saying..."I remember in the good old days when....."

Now I hear myself saying that and I about think it when I think that technology is out of control, and the time I have to take understanding it is way too much. Life's too short to devote the time it takes to do this!

I'm looking forward to refocusing my business on the retail and I used to do 'in the good old days'....which really isn't that long ago. Technology is moving so fast and it seems that new things are having to be 'understood'.....'interpreted' and then administered ASAP....or you're going to 'miss the boat' as it were. Now, I know that's not true and am thrilled to finally have admitted that is the case.

I wish everyone out there could have the success that is so often 'shown' with having an e-commerce website. But that's not the reality.  Don't believe everything you see! Without the significant financial injection and skilled technicians, it will not happen.

I can see and understand why having a website has become so commonplace now, but the personal POD...point of difference is harder to achieve without the person to person link. Admittedly, it does depend upon your clientele and your product range.

I've learnt a great deal from feeling forced to doing a website and 'going through the motions'. It's led to a positive experience which has resulted in a significant product range change which I'm working on now with those who help me produce the collection. We've got a time frame of around 9 months to make the changes and shift to another country to make it happen.

I wish all those who continue to follow and work with having a website, all the very best. It's just not a path for everyone as we're all different. Situations and ones location and knowledge is different.....but this is what makes the world such a wonderful place with so much variety 🙂

Take care. Have a great day!

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Irene, how do you find the issues with your SEO and, how do you do that on site and off site SEO?

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I just opened August 4th and was getting about 30 visits a day through Google Ad words, but they shut me off because my site sells CBD skincare so back to like 10 visits a day. I've made 4 sales, one of them was from Google, but most from friends and family. I know I need to work on my SEO more. I have a blog, but I'm honestly not so confident in my writing to link it in the footer at the moment. But yeah, a blog means more words for Google to use for you to show up in search results. 

I'll echo what others are saying and tell you that you really need product descriptions. Not just to inform people about the product they're interested in but, again, for SEO traffic. For a few of my products, I hired a product copy writer from Fiverr. Could be about $5 per product page there and many of their writers really specialize in writing product copy with SEO in mind.

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Some tips from some one receives about 90% of my business through Instagram.

Instagram allows you up to 30 hash tags per post.  Take advatage and use hash tags that are related to your product.  Do some research on the hash tag though.  If there are less than 1,000 posts with that hash tag then I suggest not using it.  Find hash tags that are really popular that relate to your product.  I try and use hash tags that have posts in the 100,000 and up range.

My ideal time to post used to be on Wednesday at 2pm PST, but all that went out the door once Facebook took over Instagram and sorted the posts by popularity.  I went from $1000-$1500 weekly in sales to $50-100 weekly after the change.  Took a huge hit.  So next thing I did was I turned into a virtual door to door salesman.  I clicked on hash tags that were relevant to my product or found a found a post that was related to something I sell.  I click on all the people that liked and commented  on the post and I follow all of them.  Sometimes I follow and unfollow about 1,000 users a day.  They notice that you followed their account and will usually be curious enough to see who you are.   I've gotten many followers and loyal customers from this practice.

Hope these tips help.

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it's a really good post and something that everybody who advertises on Facebook has encountered.  

Facebook is the sabre toothed tiger of the ad world!  If you do your research, feed it properly and manage it properly and take care of it, it will take care of you!  If you don't, it will kill you!  

I have lost and made a lot money using Facebook ads.  I have also engaged so called 'specalists' to do them for me and realised I might as well have cut out the middle man and just set fire to the cash!  (There are some excellent specailists out there I should add!)

Have you done any training here? There are a number of training courses that can show you how to set the ads up correctly.  Don't even try to run one until you have researched it intensively.  Especially study how the pixel works.  This is crucial.  

There are three videos in this group, which will explain most things. I was amazed with it, especially about the pixel.  Don't underestimate pixel power!

I have also started using AdEspresso which totally threw everything I thought I knew, on its head.  It is a major game changing platform, where you can monitor every element of your ad and find out exactly what is and what isn't working.  You can also get your ad checked over for $25 and get additional 1-2-1 support.  It has some incredibly useful guides and videos aswell.  Some good guides on Youtube.

There is other Facebook ad software, but I use this one and love it.

Join some Facebook ad groups too like  Again, there are others, but i'm in this one and find it really useful.

Facebook ads are a nightmare to manage, but when you do it is so worth it!  You have to keep watching them though.  You will get a maximum of about 8 weeks from a good one before it needs retargetting.  

Really, don't try to do this on your own.  Use the resources out there

Good luck!




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Great topic and your site looks very nice. The menu navigation font could be a bit bigger. It is quite small is compasrios to the other iyems on the hom page. I think increasing the size may make it more attractive to pull poss customers into ookig at other pages on your website.

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Best of luck!
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Thanks for the advice! I plan on launching the blog next week and am going to announce it to my email subscribers.

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@ John Hawkins 

Thanks I had created a Pinterest but hadn't really posted anything. I'm going to start using buffer to schedule my posts and get it up and running.