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What are the top 3 marketing strategies that a new retail store must do?

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Hi there - there are so many marketing tips out there - I was wondering what are the top 3 must-do for a new retail store (

My thoughts were as follows:


2. FB marketing

3. Blogger outreach

However would really appreciate some feedback.



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Hi Bijal

Posting to social media, Facebook, instagram and twitter is a extremely important marketing strategy also. I have been using a site called ulu Social for increasing my instagram followers. My shop went from 100 to 4000 in about 6 months. I have definatley seen an increase in my sales and traffic. You may want to give it a try it is well worth the money. Happy Selling!!



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Here is how we took one of my businesses to 100K+ 

1. Search Engine Optimization. This is a long term investment but totally worth it.

2. Influencer Marketing. This is a must these days. Basically getting popular celebrities on Social media to endorse your product. You can check out if you are interested. 

3. Paid Adwords / Retargeting - This is a more quick approach to SEO as it will get you traffic insantly. Retarget should be part of your plan if you are doing paid adwords. 

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Hi Bijal.

You've got: Blog, Fb Marketing and Blogger outreach.

Looking at... Fb Marketing. Why just Fb? Also do Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr.


Cover all channels, and get sales from everywhere. 

Too much work? NO. Automate it with and let it happen on its own while you do other stuff. This will both design social media posts for your store, and share these posts across all the social media channels.

In these posts you could be

- showing your products

- promoting discounts and sales

- sharing mood posts, and quotes

And each post will have a link that leads back to your shop.

Check it out here -

This should lead you lots of time to do Blogger Outreach, etc. After all, we have only so many hours in a day.

Plus, this is scaleable. Everything else needs personal effort from you.





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Instagram has worked great for us!  We get a lot of new customers and sales from instagram.