What are your top tips for optimizing SEO on a Shopify store?

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Hey all!

I recently finished a definitive guide to Shopify SEO and I thought it would be useful to folks on this forum. In the past Shopify had a bad reputation when it came to SEO, but that's definitely not the case any more. Here are my top tips when it comes to optimising your Shopify store for search 😊

➡️ Start with keyword research. Without this, you won't know which keywords or phrases you want to rank for or which pages should be ranking for each keyword. This is the basis for ALL your SEO work. There are plenty of keyword research tools out there to help you with this (Ubersuggest, Semrush, SE Ranking). It's also worth popping your competitor's websites into one of these tools to see what they're ranking for 👀

➡️ Think about keyword intent. If a keyword or phrase is often searched by people looking for information, you'll want to create a blog or article focusing on that keyword. If it's something people search when they want to make a purchase, you'll want to optimise a product page for this keyword. If you're unsure, pop the keyword into Google and look at the search results. If there's a lot of blogs, it's likely you'll want to create your own blog targeting this keyword. 


➡️ Add meta titles and descriptions to every page. Yes, Google can create something based on your page's content, but it's often not quite right or too long. I've seen a lot of search results in Google that have the privacy policy or something unrelated as their description 😣




➡️Optimise your images. eCommerce stores have hundreds, if not thousands, of images, so use this to your advantage! Make sure all your images include your keyword in the file name before you upload them. This is quite difficult to change if you've already uploaded them, but it's not a dealbreaker - you won't be penalised by Google if you haven't got the keyword in your filename. Make sure you add alt text too, so that visually impaired visitors to your store can get an idea of what your products look like. Yes this can help with SEO, but it's also a really nice thing to do 😊


➡️ Use a Shopify SEO app. At Exposure Ninja we like Yoast SEO, but you should browse the app store and find one that suits you. Most apps offer free trials so you can get a feel for how they work before committing.


I hope this was helpful! There's more detail in my Definitive Guide to Shopify SEO about how to conduct keyword research, how to make the most of your Shopify blog, how to do technical Shopify SEO and more. 

Have a wonderful day ~

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Thanks so much @NinjaJess for liking Yoast SEO at Exposure Ninja!


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It's fab @Sid_Yoast 😄 

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I am really glad to know that 🙂


The guide and tips you shared are really interesting and helpful!


And for anyone else interested in Shopify SEO and our app, our Shopify SEO: the ultimate guide has also some useful info.



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hi @NinjaJess 

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This is gold. We will try to help our merchants make use of this in their journey! 

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Hey @NinjaJess, To be vey honest, these tips are really awesome. I like them very much and I also shared this tips with my team member and we decided to soon implement these tips. 


Thank you so much @NinjaJess

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Thank you for posting this guide.


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