What do you think would make you buy from my site?

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Hi, i recently launched my site which i have been working for almost a month now. I applied most of what i have learned from reading forums, ebooks. i have recently put on a FB/IG ad and would not rely on it yet as it is still too early but so far the visit is slow from the ads.

If you come across my site mykeister.com , what would make you buy from site?

Any feedback on what im lacking, what i need to do to improve the "Trust factor" or anything that would increase my traffic would be highly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Hi Michael! 

Happy to lend my insight here. I don't like the immediate subscription to your newsletter/mailing list request that I get right away. I understand it's par-for-the-course nowadays, but it feels desperate and --- very importantly --- why would I sign up for something within 5 seconds of being on a site for the first time? If you absolutely must have this sort of pop-up, 30 seconds minimum is my recommendation. 

I actually really like your product selection. I also like the theme of your shop -- basically everything you sell "fits" as part of the whole. So probably the most important thing about your shop -- what you are selling -- is terrific!

What would I like to see? Well, for one, I'm not the biggest fan of your "About" page. The white text does not appear legible over the background image. It's a cool image, but the focus of this page is to welcome the customer. It's not highly welcoming -- try a simple white background with a picture of you or your team! I think this will go a long way towards building trust -- I already like your phone number and your address being listed, as well as your domain-specific email address. I have a great deal of faith that you're a "real" store, and I think with a properly executed "About" page, things would be even better. 

Also. I'd recommend putting the "About Us" page on the menu bar at the top of the site. Make it sing, and make it prominent. 

I will say that your on-page SEO is not necessarily where it ought to be. For instance, when I click "Women's Collection", the page title is "Women's Collection - mykeister". It's going to be awfully hard to rank with this. Even your home page has a page title of "MyKeister Bags - mykeister". Why not change it to something succinct, but that also has keywords that will be useful? 

For the homepage, something like: "MyKeister | Bags, Backpacks, Soulder Bags at Discount Prices"

And you can get slightly more specific on the other individual pages. Hopefully this helps! Good luck out there! 


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Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it. Will work on the about us page and will be updating the home page seo, just have to figure out where to edit it.

Thank you for the suggestions and will work on them now.

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Hi Michael,

Couple things to consider doing:

  • You should have actionable items on your frontage slider
  • Product page design needs some work. Your Add to Cart button shows below the fold. It should be above the fold. The less work a consumer has to do to purchase, the better.
  • It’s odd that you have 3 different comment/review type options on your product page. Pick one so that your page isn’t so cluttered.
  • Consider changing your color scheme. Different colors invoke different emotions. Red is typically known as a warning/error color so it may unconsciously deter consumers from acting





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I tried posting this already, sorry if it double posts.

Your page is VERY slow to load. It seems the issue is with a review app. reviews.appiversalapps.com seems to be the slow loader upon initial visit. I had it lock up my web browser twice as well, which if I were a customer would be a reason to shop elsewhere.

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I am from Pakistan, I am trying to use Shopify on the Facebook shop. But unable to use because our local currency (PKR) is not supported. What should I do?. I will be using Cash on Delivery Payment option for my products selling. 

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I actually just posted about this here:


Scott Luscombe

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I think you're doing awesome.  You have a pop-up at the bottom left of your screen every 3-5 seconds saying someone just bought something.

If that isn't true, then personally I think those pop-ups do more to hurt a site than help, as it is clearly a script trying to promise legitimacy by misleading the buyer as to your actual sales.  I also find it to be annoying to have something pop-up whenever I'm looking at something, and think to a degree we've all become conditioned to look at popups...it takes you away from the product one might be looking at.

It is a very attractive site.  There just isn't anything there that I need.

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Hi, Michael,

I think your site looks amazing. I would even like to know which theme you are using. The product photography is dope too 🙂

On to your question, here are a few things I have noticed on your site that don't exactly make me feel great:

  • The website takes really long to load..like really long...at some point, I even suspected it was my internet connection. Kindly find out why that's happening.
  • The constant popups of "someone bought something" are a bit annoying and they make me feel like am being sold to instead of being warmly welcomed.
  • On your product descriptions, don't only tell me the design specifications of the products because I don't even understand half of it. Write more about the products in such a way I will be convinced to purchase them.
  • You have more than one review type option. It makes the site look confusing and too busy.
  • You don't have a blog post section.

About the traffic part, from experience, I have realized that no matter how long you spend fiddling on your website, installing new apps, changing colour schemes...etc you will never get the traffic you expect if you don't put yourself out there. Apart from social media ads, make sure you are offering excellent customer service, timely responses to inquiries and treating your customers well. Furthermore, surprise them with thank you cards inside their shipping boxes and always find out how they feel about the product. That extra personalization will go along way in getting referral marketing.

In addition, write a few blog posts. Perhaps once a month. Share them with your target audience, post on WhatsApp and facebook groups and offer them content worth reading. You could also capture their email addresses with strategic popups when they are reading your blogs and entice them to buy products by using Shopify's buy button on your blog posts.

I hope things improve for you.


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Like your products - 

Your customer reviews did not seem legit to me as there were no actual comments (or very few) and they were created so close together. That is a trun off for me for sure....important that people see reviews as coming from actual customers...especially if they are shopping a site for the first time.


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Hi Michael. I think your site is lovely. I agree with what someone else said about the ADD TO CART button being below the fold. That's an easy fix, you have the description of your item above the add to cart button and below it. Just remove the descriptions above the button and it will move your add to cart button up.

Another thing I noticed is your inventory being reported, that can be good and bad. For example, I clicked on a purse and see it says you have 995 of them in inventory. Whether this is accurate or not is not the issue. Customers like to feel they are not buying the same thing that 995 other people can buy. Also, if the inventory levels are showing, show them as a low number, to create urgency and if the customer likes it well enough and thinks your price is good, they are more likely to buy it based on there are not many left so they better buy it while they can.

Also, on the same purse page I was looking at, you have a Related Products slider. The first slider is blank, and if a customer is not willing to wait for it to load, the next pages, they never see it, and the app is a waste of your time and if it's a paid app, a waste of your money.

Good luck to you. I've been in business since 2003 and just recently moved this particular site to Shopify, it's much more updated than my old host and my site is so much better now. 

You have to be patient, I know it's tough. Back in 2003 when I started, sales took off quickly, no paid ads or marketing, no social media, just got it on Google, was great with SEO, but it's not like that any more. Now, there are so many competitor sites out there, it takes time and hard work to get your site noticed. I see you have Facebook and Instagram, but frankly, I did not notice it till I saw it in the upper right hand corner of your site. You want to make it easy for people to share your product instantly, and there are apps and themes that have that built in.

Hope I was of some help. 


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I get volume visits but have not gotten good conversions this month.



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Something on your page froze my browser (Safari), and then second time around took ages to load, think it's your slider. Another person above seemed to have the same issue so you should fix that.  "My Keister" means "My Butt" (I know you say it means bag but common dialect now it means butt), so I think that may be a branding issue.

Also you have "Leather Handbags" that aren't leather and are made out of PU, not good.

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Your slideshow has no links I can click. Not sure your cost but prices seem a little high. Your navigation seems perfect for what you are trying to sell. Your product page is a bit wonky - definitely something I would change. Your add to cart notification needs some work.  Most of the time design change is all you need to make a big difference. I have ran 7 figure ecommerce businesses and I cannot tell you how important design is. Email me at candocoding@yahoo.com if you want to talk further about this. I want to help you succeed - I will be watching for your email.

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Hi Michael,

Website looks pretty decent with trust factors and reviews and clean descriptions. I have couple of comments - 

  • Add to Cart is not visually appealing and also its below the fold. In the case of mobile i have to do at least 2 swipes to reach the button.
  • Once I add to cart,  You just show item is added to cart and allow user to shop further. You can decide one of two thing here - Either change the cart button such a way its visually appealing and is right there for user so that they'll not miss it. Or take the user directly to checkout page and keep a button their to "Continue Shopping". 



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Hi Angelica. When I clicked on your site I immediately noticed a couple of issues. I opened it using FireFox, have not checked it on other browsers.

The large image with 50% Off Sale is extremely slow to load. It also says SHOP NOW but nothing to click on to get to your products. That is a turn off for customers, make it clickable and take it to your items that are 50% off. 

There are also notices on the left and ride side that says "We're sorry, this content cannot be displayed. Please try again later". Customers stay on our sites for a few seconds sometimes and they won't wait around for images to load or like a site where the images or content never comes up.

All the images with text in them are way too big, probably what is slowing your site down. Compress them and make them smaller and be sure to use jpg's and not png's when possible as they load faster.

Even the menu is HUGE. Not sure what theme you are using but if it's the theme that makes everything this huge, I'd use a different one.

Next I went to your menu and clicked on a Collection, it took a long time to get it to open. Then when I finally get to a product I can click on, it's way down below the fold because everything on your page is so big.

I hope that helps. Good luck, the products look good, it's the theme you are using that needs to be changed.


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One other really major thing that you need to get rid of - you have FAKE REVIEWS. And not just fake but hundreds of really obvious fake reviews. This product has 122 of them, some of which show the same "customer" photos with the same really bad english as a second language reviews with different customer names and different dates. How do you build trust with fake reviews? https://mykeister.com/products/oil-wax-cowhide-backpacks-for-women?utm_campaign=Kit_2017-Sep-20_00%3...

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I think your site looks great and I like your products. The slider did take a long time to load and I had a big blank space for ages that almost made me quit the site, so I think you need to change this. I didn't even see your About page that others mention, and I was looking for info about where your products are produced and shipped from.