What is the best ERP software for my business?

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Hi @javedkhan Welcome to Shopify Community. 

It’s very important to understand the value of ERP in your business before you invest in it. 
You need to understand and observe if you really need it or not. The Enterprise level business are rigorously investing into ERP softwares. Please try to find the answers of below questions before you select ERP tool - 


- Problems - The issues or concerns that you are facing without have ERP into the system. Is it inventory management or order fulfilment?


- Expectations - Figure out what exactly you are trying to achieve with ERP.


- Logistics & Warehouses - If you have multiple logistics, warehouses and suppliers then ERP is required. 

- Sales Channels - If you have multiple sales channels or not? If yes then only there is a use of ERP. 

- Integrations - You current integration with other sales channel. If the tool you are choosing is capable of integrating with first shopify and then your other POS systems.


- Budget - Finally the budget, Amount of money you are willing to spend on ERP?


Once you are able to find out all the above you can find the best ERP tool. I am sharing the references of some Widely used ERP tools in Shopify ecosystem that you can check out. However, all provide more or less the same offerings for your business-

1. Unicommerce
2. SAP

3. Oracle


Hope that helps.

Please feel free to reach out at sales@marmeto.com in case you need further assistance and I will be happy to help assist 🙂



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An ERP is a big decision for any business which usually means high fees, expensive customization, and major hurdles to cross if it doesn't work out. All that said, it can provide great efficiencies to a business if the timing and need are right, and if you've got the right resources to put into an ERP. 


Some questions to ask yourself first:

  • Will the expected return outweigh the costs? How long with my ROI take?
  • Do I need an ERP or can I get away with accounting software and WMS or inventory system?
  • How extensive does my ERP need to be? Can I utilize HR/Inventory/Accounting or do I need manufacturing, purchasing, building planning and the plethora of other functionalities that might come with an ERP

These questions will get you thinking about how far along you are and whether an ERP is the right choice immediately. In many Shopify merchants cases, they can get by with an inventory system and a warehouse management system, and it will take them to several thousand orders a day. 


If you'd like to consider a WMS in the earlier phase which will cost a lot less and get you 80% of the way toward an ERP, then certainly check out SKUSavvy which will provide you everything for modern, mobile warehouse management. From purchasing and check-in to bin locations, pick-pack-ship, multi-warehouse management, and beyond. 


Happy to have a call to better diagnose what might be most beneficial to your business. 

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