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What's Been Your Experience w/ Adroll?

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I've been using Adroll for about 1.5 weeks now.

So far, the data in Google Anayltics shows that in the 1.5 weeks, traffic from Adroll has not generated any sales.

Yet, on my Adroll dashboard, $5K worth of sales can be attributed to Adroll clicks.

Also, it seems that only the dynamic ads can be tracked in Google Anayltics... so I should rule out the possibility of seeing sales for the static ads in Google Analytics... if I understand that correctly.

I trust the G/A analytics over Adroll anayltics...

What's been your experience with Adroll? How can I verify that Adroll is contributing to sales?

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You're probably seeing in Adroll their VTC (view through conversion).  You can see specifically which orders they're claiming credit for by generating a Granular Converions Report.

Go to Adroll, generate a report.  For Report type select Profile Overview.  You can deselect all options except Granular Conversions Report or let it generate all 4 reports.  Click generate report.

For me I've changed the attribution settings from the defaults within Adroll.

You do this in settings > attribution settings.

For View throughs I've selected 1 day, and for clicks I've selected 2.  The default is 30 days which means Adroll will take credit for an order they say they displayed an Ad 30 up to 30 days ago, even if the user didn't interact with the ad.  That's too loose of an attribution for me.

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Thanks so much! I know a little bit about "attribution" but I haven't fully grasped it. I'm going to research it some more before I change the settings. Thank you!