What's the difference between "Country of sale" and "Targeting location" in Google smart shopping?

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As I know in search campaigns, If I have set a targeting location (for example United States), then my ads will only show on targeted country United States. 
But now, when I creating a smart shopping campaign, there have a country of sale and targeting location option. I upload product feeds to the United States so when creating a smart shopping campaign, I set the country of sale as the United States, then the question is coming. After I set a country of sale, is that mean my shopping ads will only show in the United States even I don't set a targeting country?
If not, is my shopping ads will show in all eligible countries unless I set a targeted country?
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The sentence, country of sale, is used in Google Merchant Center to define which country you want to sell in.

Targeted Country is the sentence used in Google Ads

With respect to Shopping Ads, both country of sale and targeted country are identical as in, if your country of sale is US, your targeted country has to be US. You can not choose any other option as it will simply not work.

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