What's the most effective type of promotion for new sellers?

What's the most effective type of promotion for new sellers?

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Hi y'all, I'm a newbie seller and about to launch my first promotion campaign. I've read a lot about best promotion campaign online but not sure which is the best converted. So I'd like to seek out other opinions based on your experiences.

I want to list out these 10 promotion types since I notice they were mentioned the most on many articles. Let me hear your vote on which one is considering as the best promotion type for you.

  1. BOGO (buy x get y, buy x get x)
  2. Volume discount (buy more get more)
  3. Flash sale
  4. Free gift with purchase
  5. Bundles
  6. Conditional discount (based on cart value or quantity)
  7. Coupons
  8. Discount codes on storefront
  9. Free shipping
  10. Social media referral discount

Thank you in advance!



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Hi, Lily


This is a really good question. Most Business people have the same question. The 10 promotion types are all things simply called free. yes, because how many years you can give it that. suppose u want to give a coupon or discount on whatever people purchased it will be wrong. sometimes it works but you want to create value. it means brand awareness.  Not only this all things attract people provide your business uniqueness to u are customers. This all thing create sales couple of days or week or year. when your audience like your product or service value definitely might back and they don't need these promotions. create longterm promotion. brand awareness, brand building. you can't decide which promotion works from people's vote. sales based on your product and service and your audience



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I think that the most effective promotion depends on the product category. Every store uses different strategies to promote the business. There isn't a silver bullet. I would suggest that you can conduct experiments and see which way is more effective.


For example, you can place small bets to see which gives a higher return. Measure the traffics and orders you get. When you find the most cost-effective promotions, increase the investment.  

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