What should SEO pay attention to?

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What should SEO pay attention to?

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Sometimes you have to spend money to get shop traffic, but if you have enough attention, then it may not be impossible to get free traffic. For example, doing SEO is very important. For better SEO rankings of your dropshipping business, you should pay special attention to the length of content on each page of your website. The number of words you include on your pages, the easier it will be for search engines to understand your page.

Few things to remember if you want to improve SEO via keywords:

  • Maintain an optimal ratio of keywords in your web content.

  • Include at least 350 to 500 words per page.

  • The content needs to be useful and relevant to your target audience.

  • The content must be natural

  • Your content will be the platform from where you will have to optimize your keywords, links etc.

  • Avoid stuffing content at the end of the page, under a menu or an expandable field.

  • In your product page, add content which describes your product using keywords

  • Avoid using duplicate content.

If we go by search engines, your H1 tag is one of the first things that describes what a visitor will find on your website. In case of your product page, your H1 tag will be the product title. If it’s a category page, your category name will be your H1 tag.

In Dropshipping business, title tags are important. When someone searches for something, it is the title tag that shows up in search results.

Few things to remember if you want to improve SEO via titles and tags:

  1. Avoid overdoing it with the keywords in your H1 tags to prevent getting spammed by Google or face an over-optimization penalty.

  2. An ideal Title Tag should be below 55 characters.

  3. it should be relevant to search terms you want to rank.

Meta Descriptions are crucial for dropshipping SEO rankings. Meta descriptions appear right below the title tag and should be between 120 and 155 characters. These should be relevant and describe precisely what a person will find on the page if they click on it. If you are able to nail this, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Few things to remember if you want to improve SEO via meta descriptions:

  1. Make sure your description tags encourage peoples to click.

  2. Include information such as a how-to guide, a great price or an attention-grabbing list.

  3. For inspiration, read the title tags and meta descriptions of some high-ranking pages.

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Hi @francislucky 

SEO plays an increasingly essential role in the performance of online stores with the advancement of Google. In particular, optimizing the search engine with various techniques will boost the number of customers and also increase sales effectively in the business environment like the Shopify marketplace. Ecommerce SEO is all about ensuring your desired pages appear among the top organic search results. They can appear on page 2,3 or more, but the preferable position is at the #1 page. Research showed that websites ranked number one received an average click-through-rate of 36.4%, while number two had only 12.5%, and number three had just 9.5%. As an eCommerce business, the high rank on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. means potential customers can find you more easily through relevant search terms.

In order to rank your Shopify store for Google, here are the things that I think every merchant should pay attention to:


  • Research the right target keyword
  • Choose keywords that sell
  • Take advantage of LSI keyword

eCommerce Site architecture

  • Use mobile-first Shopify themes
  • Page speed
  • Organize your content
  • Include a search box
  • Build credibility
  • Design navigational system


  • Optimize your store’s URL
  • Optimize top page first
  • Optimize images
  • Reduce thin content pages with long product descriptions
  • Improve user experience

For more detailed information about these points, you can take a look at our Shopify SEO Guide to learn more!

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Hello @francislucky, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO plays important role in website ranking. 

10 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need to Know:

  1. Optimize Title tags
  2. Optimize meta description
  3. Focus on Headline
  4. Optimize header tag
  5. SEO content writing
  6. Keyword Cannibalization
  7. Content Audit
  8. Image optimization
  9. Keyword research
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Dear @francislucky,

There're many things to paying attention to when optimizing SEO for your store. To mention the most important ones, you should:

  • Optimize your Meta tag: Title, Description, URL.
  • Writing attractive content to drive customers.
  • Improve your UX-UI: responsiveness, smooth scrolling, fast loading speed...
  • Using the appropriate website structure for internal linking.
  • Perform outreach for backlinks and traffics.
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SEO pay attention to:
Title Tag.
Meta Description.
Header Tags.
SEO Writing.
Keyword Cannibalization.
Content Audit.

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From keyword research to onsite

from website development to link building.


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To gain more visibility and organic traffic of the website one should pay special attention to the length of content on each page of your website.
The most important factor is to Remove anything that slows down your site and is a critical factor in SEO.
Meta Title is also the most important on-page SEO factor. The reason for this is because the more attractive and optimized your title is, the more people will click.

Make your website secure by applying an SSL certificate as to gain trustworthiness of your audience. Make sure your URL is displayed correctly which is an important on-page metric.
You should use heading tags to highlight various headings, sub-headings, and important points.
Use keywords that have keyword density of around 1.5% percent with a mix of LSI keywords. Image optimization does help a lot in driving traffic from image. searches.

By adding Schema (Structured data), you help the search engine understand more about your content as well as you can outrank your competitors.
Interlinking of blog posts will help your blog readers spend more time on your blog, and it will also help in increasing the page rank of your site.

Hope this would help you!


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@francislucky, You must pay attention to your website : is it lack or enough  of Meta Keywords, is the Meta Description Organized, things like that. It also needs to optimize pages like the Keywords title, the URL, subtitle and contents. You also have to vary your keywords to avoid "stuffing". Aside from pages you have to work on your posts - such as categories, tags, featured image and even the length. Hope this help.


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Shopify comes with several SEO-friendly features right out the box, but there’s so much more you can do to climb up in the rankings. While SEO relies on keywords, it takes more than just sprinkling some keywords into your site’s content to get your site ranking higher.

Some pro SEO tips for you:

  • Optimize Your Shopify Site Structure

    Homepage » Category Pages » Product Pages
    Homepage » Category Pages » Sub-Category Page » Product Pages

  • Improve the User Experience

    To make your Shopify store faster, you can: use a fast, mobile-friendly theme use smaller, optimized images remove any apps you’re not using avoid using sliders

  • Research the Right Target Keywords

    Find the right keywords to get traffic to your shop

  • Optimize Your Shopify Products Pages

    You should use your keywords in a consistent way, like in this example formula:

    Keyword 1 – Shop for Keyword 2 – Store Name

    Unicorn T-shirts – Shop for Unicorn T-shirts Online – The Store

  • Build Links to Your Store

    Reach out to industry leaders and influencers for interviews to generate both links and content.

  • Rank Higher With Content Marketing:

    Content is the reason people come to your site. Your content is a chance to let customers and potential customers get to know your brand in a way that doesn’t involve selling. It’s also one of the easiest ways to rank for more keywords.

  • Use the Best Shopify SEO Apps and Tools

    Like Yoast & more you can try.
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There are many things involved in it like:

1. On page SEO - keyword research, title tags, meta description tags, header tags, URL optimization, image optimization, alt attribute

2. Off page SEO - linking building from high DA websites

1. Social bookmarking

2. Image submission

3. Video submission etc