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What to expect when I hire a marketer?

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This past fall I decided to hire a marketer to help me getting my name out there for my new website. I found a company I wanted to work with through Shopify. They had wonderful reviews, a good looking website and I was persuaded by the owner's story. Awesome! I thought. The owner was quick to reply to all my emails (within the hour) until I signed the contract... I was promised organic trafific and even some sales! I never saw any of this. I started to get suspicious when I noticed a review that was left in my name. I confronted him with this but he never got back to me. Now I'm worried that all the reviews I red were all written by the owner himself and Ithat I have lost my money. I hope this company will not be featured through Shopify anymore and that others won't make my mistake. I am curious what I should expect when I'm working with a marketer. What could a merketer do for me and my little store that only very few people know exist?



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Hey Jeanette,

I have had some disappointing experience with Marketers as well - who are also Shopify Partners.

I was promised a lot of work but not much was delivered..I then decided to hire someone who is willing to work on commission only bases, I thought that would give them some motivation to work harder and an opportunity to earn some extra cash.

However, it is still early stage for us, so will see how that goes but I would definately reccommend commission based remuneration approach towards marketer.


Best of luck - hope this helps.




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Hi Jeanette, my name is Bill Vickers. Sorry to hear about your trouble with the marketing firm. My website is We are a fundraising site helping moms and dads raise more money for their kids and causes. If you use discount codes to drive traffic to your site and convert shoppers into buyers, we'll be happy to publish your codes for FREE. Seriously, no fees or commissions. We are growing fast and would be glad to help get your name out there. Let me know if we can help. Have a prosperous day!

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Can you please list those companies here so other dont fall in to this trap.

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Dear Jeanette,

It is a massive issue for many store owners. Some agencies do not really provide thorough information on the work that is being done. Which can lead to huge lack of trust with the client and ends in a negative experience.

On the other hand, with tasks like organic traffic etc. It is impossible for an agency to give extreme details. After all, when you employ a plasterer, who is skilled and trained in something, you don't expect to stand behind him watching exactly what he does. It defeats the point of hiring a professional.

With this balance firmly in mind. There are three things that you should expect from an agency (in my view) and what we would always provide our clients.

- A tick list of general tasks, dated and completed each month.

- An end of month report showing tasks, changes in traffic.

- Suggestions made for other things that the site could be improved upon.

- Strategies made for the upcoming month.

- Clear communication between the agency and client.

Hope that helps, 


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Hi Jo.

Thank you so much for awesome info! This was very helpful. I'll reach out and hope that Shopili can help me and my little store.

Thank you,




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Hi Poonam,


Thank you so much for reaching out. I hope you read the last post from Shopili. I hope you'll find an awesome marketer that can help your business.

Have a great day,



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Hi Jeanette

I am sorry to hear about your experience, unfortunately there are many scammers online who take advantage of enterpreneurs. I run a digital marketing agency called Digital Fusion App ( and we provide a variety of digital marketing services. We can definitely help you with marketing your website and ensuring that your eCommerce store is a success. Visit our company website for more information and get in touch via our 24/7 live support to discuss your project. Thanks

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Hello Jeanette, so sorry to hear about your trouble with the marketing firm. So I think you should list those companies here so we will not fall contact or hire such companies.