where to put the facebook pixel?

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i'm experimenting with facebook ads. i've chosen for the automatic (integrated option) so shopify placed the FB pixel on checkout (i mean, i didn't copy paste the code there myself).

now my question is: since i have a lot of free (digital) products on my site, i want to make sure i track actual *sales* (for paid products) and not just checkouts of free products. can anyone tell me what the right way is to do that?

thank you!

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Hi @lsrobinson1,

you need to paste the Facebook Pixel code between <head> and </head> section. However, I highly recommend connecting your BM, ad account and adding pixel via the Facebook Sales Channel. Learn more about it here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/analyze-marketing/facebook-pixel

Send me a link to your store to niki@hey.com and I'll help you out.
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Hi Niki, I figured it out yesterday. thank you!
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okay thank you so much!