Which is more effective for marketing: free shipping or free plus shipping?

Which is more effective for marketing: free shipping or free plus shipping?

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What's a better way to market with shipping....FREE Shipping OR FREE PLUS Shipping????

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Hi, @arnold_74_71


Are you able to expound more on what you are asking regarding promoting free shipping? 


If it's about the verbiage you are after, free shipping, is what I would prefer. It clearly states that your shipping will be free in whatever context you put it in. Free plus shipping seems to indicate there is a free item plus shipping. 


If I somehow misunderstood your query, apologies for the misunderstanding. I look forward to getting more info from you. 


When it comes to advertising and shipping however, I have found these articles that you may find useful:


These articles go over some shipping strategies and tips as well as how best to display it on your page. Definitely give these a review for more tips regarding shipping and marketing.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Yes FREE Plus shipping is saying a free item but the customer pays for
shipping. I have been learning on using these strategies and was wondering
which one is more effective in creating conversions. Thank you for your
feedback I haven't been able to find someone to help on this from other
websites or groups.

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In our experience, both approaches work and usually they are used for different goals with different types of Shoppers.


FREE Plus Shipping or "Free, Just Pay Shipping" works best for converting cold traffic into new customers.

It's not easy for new Shoppers to trust a brand they have never bought from before with their hard earned money over the internet. So success in marketing to them depends heavily on making sure new Shoppers can get great value with their first order at almost no risk.
Building trust gradually in small steps is required in any relationship and your relationship with your Shoppers is no exception. For example, romantic relationships are best started with a coffee, rather than asking someone to move in with you right after you met them.
"Free, Just pay shipping" offers are low risk, high value deals designed to make it easy for new customers to give you a chance. Receiving value from you builds customer trust, and makes it likely that they will buy again from you and buy costlier products.
Unbranded starter products with high perceived value are perfect for such an offer.
Eg: Ear-rings and pendants, fishing bait/hooks, flashlights, socks, protein shaker bottles, lipsticks, supplements, essential oils, themed t-shirts etc
An ideal item allows you to charge reasonable shipping rates and still break even on the return on Ad Spend.


"FREE Shipping" on the other hand works best for selling more to people who have bought from you before and already trust you, increasing lifetime revenues per customer.
FREE Shipping offers help Shoppers in avoiding procrastination and if paired with urgency can help them pull the trigger right away. It also encourages shoppers to buy more items since they are saving on the shipping of every item they purchase.
FREE Shipping offers can be sent to your subscribers to bring them back to your store and can be a great way to promote more costly products on your store.



We noticed how difficult it can be to run "Free, Just Pay Shipping" promotions on Shopify stores. The only options right now seem to be

  • use independent platforms dedicated to doing sales funnels and treat the Shopify store as just a backend
  • or use workarounds by setting shipping rates for special weights, but that can be confusing, time consuming and hard to get right.

We created the Gro Funnels shopify app to help merchants quickly add a Free, Just Pay Shipping sales funnel to their Shopify store without having to spend time making workarounds work or having to use tools from outside the Shopify ecosystem.