Why am I getting no add to carts despite high traffic?

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I am getting no add to carts advertising. I’m getting them done by someone now and still no add to carts. I can get like 200 traffic per day, I haven’t gotten there yet with my surrent adds but I’m sure Facebook is still learning. I am not sure what to do. I have gotten three sales organic which is wild because I didn’t optimize seo that much. 

here is my shop eco-infinite.co

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Hi @cadroved this is a pretty common issue.

But the first hypothesis would be that the audience you are getting from these ads is not relevant. Make sure the audience set that you are targeting is relevant. 

Second hypothesis could be that your store design is not conversion-friendly. 

Here's my take-

1. You need to make your navigation bar sticky. 
2. There's a lot of white space on the homepage. 
3. Product images need an option to zoom in on hover. 
4. Make use of trust packs on your product detail page, for easier checkout. 
5. You aren't highlighting your bestsellers well. Do check out how product badges can help. 

The rest look really great. Love the store theme!