Why am I getting no sales despite good ad metrics?

Why am I getting no sales despite good ad metrics?

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I have great metrics on my ads but i have gotten no sales and this is not the first time it’s happened ? 5e Cpm 8c cost per click and a 6.6% ctr, yes it is set for conversion and website purchases. Ive spent About 110e on ads and i never get sales but good metrics, anyone know what i can do please?

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Add to cart and checkout are all working aswell

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Hi Brayd,
there are many reasons for this,
1. Low Ads strategy,

2. Know you proper audience with age factor

3, Price factor ( May be price will be high so that customer can't show the interest).

4. Ads are showing to those, which are not your Actual Not willing to buy or just e scrolling it.

5. Low landing page appearence.

6. May be your Check out issues. (payment Not accepting)

7. Low trust factor. (No trust factor on your Site and product page)


Kindly check all this things from your Side.

Let me know, if it can't work, i will let you explain, many more factors by which you will surely get sales,

thank you



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Oh Really sorry you had no sales.

but i have a better suggestion which will definitely help