Why am I getting traffic but no sales on my new store?

Why am I getting traffic but no sales on my new store?

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Hello Shopify Community,

I created my store three weeks ago I did Run Instagram ads got traffic but still no sales don't understand why. Can anyone of you people walk me through my problem? My URL https://digdotstore.myshopify.com/

Tank you.

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Hi there @digdotstore 


Hope you're well today.

Could you kindly attach a screenshot of your IG ad? Do you have your IG shop set up in your Link in bio?

There could be several reasons for this: 

1) Your ad copy may be misleading

2) Your audience targeting may not be useful

3) Perhaps there is an over reliance on IG as a marketing channel - have you a/b tested your campaigns?


What I've noticed is that one marketing channel is not extremely useful to get conversions. You might need to compliment it with another 2 Marketing Channels - e.g. Insta Ads, Facebook ads, & Pinterest (for example). 


In terms of your website, there are a few niggly spelling errors (I noticed this on your subscription pop up "Quality Products in Low Prices" (instead of AT low prices). This may impact audience flow.


Here is a great resource about the 4-P's of Marketing a New E-Commerce Store.


Let me know if you need any help.


Warm regards


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Hi @digdotstore ,

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I just checked your website. it is pretty beautiful. But there are some details that need to be improved, I believe you could boost your sales if you change some of the problems.


Add customer service function

You should add some service buttons on the side of the website. Help customers solve problems, during the process of purchasing products, it can effectively improve customer experience.



Add customers comments

Add customers comments can effectively improve the consumers’ goodwill towards the product, build brand reputation and cultivate trust, and then facilitate them to purchase.

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hello @digdotstore i am bridget by name 
I totally understand how you feel but i will say you are not doing the right ads
i sent you message on instagram through your website
kindly give me a reply


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Hi @digdotstore , your site looks great but here are some specific points you could address:


  1. Check your text and content on your website to build better trust - for example you have only two blog posts live. Doesn't make your site look like you've been around for long. Your pop-up email message says "Quality Products In Low Price". Another banner says "
    Men's With Class Wears Leather" Try to use grammatically correct text as this will instil trust. The email address you're displaying on your store is gmail.com - that doesn't instil trust. Small points but these really matter when someone is trying to understand if you will deliver on your promise.

  2.  In terms of tech setup, you have two Facebook pixels on your page. This can lead to errors and in Facebook and it's worth sorting that out to ensure you are using one pixel and tracking conversion events correctly. When I go to add a product to a cart I get an error "parameter missing". For example, I tried to add the Mens Black Wallet and got that error.

  3. On your ads, I tried to click to your Facebook page to see your ads, but the link is broken. In Instagram you have some video content - create more of that but use a tool such as Canva to do some professional transitions and ad music.

  4. Once you launch your ads, make sure you are remarketing to people with your catalog. Get your catalog integrated with Facebook and run Dynamic Product Ads. Try a Performance Max Campaign in Google Ads. 

  5. It's not clear where you are based or where is your target audience. Make that clear on the site together with delivery and returns expectations and processes.

I hope some of that helps. All the best. You've made a great start.

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Hello 👋 I came across your request on this platform actually this similar problem is also happening in my store but no more since when I met a guy which provide me some tips on how to solved the problem if you don't mind I can link you guys up


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IMHO the main reason for your site not selling anything is it appears to me quite confused. As a potential buyer of $100+ shoes, am I going to be interested in fake eyelashes for $10? Probably not and I'm probably not going to buy from a site that has this as a product. 

Your blog articles are also all over the place. There's no topical continuity so as a user I have no idea how your products may fit into my lifestyle or improve it. 

The product url's do not contain any information about the product: https://digdotstore.myshopify.com/products/cjnswtzp00239

If Google indexes this a user will have no idea what that url is actually about. This looks like a dropshipping site which is chucking loads of products at the wall to see what sticks. Honestly, chances are pretty slim any will. 

Hone in on one or two categories that are related. Write about nothing else, sort a proper domain, sort the urls and so on.