Why am I unable to see revenue and purchase data in GA4?

Why am I unable to see revenue and purchase data in GA4?

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Recently I followed Shopify's tutorial for upgrading GA to GA4. 

However, I found I can't see revenue and purchase data in my Monetization report in GA4, at "e-commerce purchase" under Monetization, I can only see "Item views" and "Item added to card". Not like what I saw in the Univeral Analytics.


Hope someone knows how to fix it, really appreciated!

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Hi Gina,


Thanks for your reply. However, I'm already confused about your first suggestions.

Could you tell me how to enable e-commerce tracking?

I know for old GA  (Universal Analytics), there's a check box in Shopify for "Enhanced Ecommerce." But I don't see any similar checkbox for GA4. Or, do you mean I have to insert additional code manually?

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Looking forward to your reply, really appreciated!



You Make sure that e-commerce tracking is enabled and properly configured in your GA4 property. Check that the e-commerce tracking code is properly implemented on your Shopify store.





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There is no similar thing to check or enable in GA4 as "Use Enhanced Ecommerce" in GA3 for Shopify. So I can see why that advice confused you.


The set up to get GA4 for Shopify working is relatively simple. See step 2 in my guide: https://www.digitaldarts.com.au/google-analytics-shopify. It's the other checks and configurations within GA4 that can take time.


Have you waited a few days for the data to appear? The reporting in GA4 confuses a lot of people as it takes time to learn.

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GA4 don't have ecommerce settings. It's auto. It's something with the shopify app.

When I use shopify option ,I can't see revenue, but if I making it manually from Tag manager, it's working. 

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What can you tell about the difference in revenue between Shopify and GA4 for the last 2 months when implementing with GTM manually for the stores?

Are you observing the bigger discrepancy?



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I have exactly the same problem! How to track these actions?