Why are customers reaching checkout but not converting on my site?

Why are customers reaching checkout but not converting on my site?

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Hello, I recently opened a Shopify store https://theaquabloonz.com/ and have been using tiktok organic in the US which gave me a total of 1000 visitors in 12 hours.  The problem I am facing is that none of them are converting and I really struggle to figure out why.  Could there be an issue with the back-end of my website where an order can't get through?  Or is my product just not as special?


Example from yesterday:

For example yesterday:

 *sessions 969

 * added to cart 83

 * reached checkout 47

 * converted 0


My landing page is: https://theaquabloonz.com/products/aquabloonz

I use paypal and stripe as payment methods and I have tried buying myself and it works completely fine for me.


Any feedback is appreciated.

Please let me know what you guys think!


Thanks, Lukas

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Hello Lukas, I have had a look at your store and it seems to be very well organized and planned out. The issue seems to be a case of customers just needing that final push to make purchases. Here are some suggestions on how you can improve your store even further.

1) Make use of a sticky header. This would help make it easier for customers to navigate through the store without always having to scroll back up to the top of the homepage.

2) There should be links to your social media accounts at the bottom of the homepage. This would allow customers to stay updated with the latest news and releases in your store.

3) It would be great to show customers what other customers are doing in your store. This would help to motivate them to carry out actions of their own and can likely lead to an increase in conversion rates. You can do this by downloading the Show Recent Orders App here https://apps.shopify.com/show-recent-orders 

I wish you and your business the best of luck!

Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!
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