Why are my Google Smart Shopping ads not converting?

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Hi all, 

I have had Google Smart Shopping ads running from within Shopify, unfortunately I have not had any success so far. It has been more than 4 weeks and not one single conversion. There are some clicks daily but nothing significant. With a budget of about 16 us dollars a day, there should be at least some sort of conversion. Has anyone experienced such  a result? Any ideas on how to improve it?  Is Smart Shopping from within Shopify worth the investment at all?

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you all in advance.


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Smart Shopping is not from Shopify, It is a Google Ads product, the only thing Shopify does is relay the info Google Ads provides regarding the smart shopping campaign to Shopify.


You can view the source of all the info, by logging into Google Ads.


Before I further explain, smart shopping will be sunset this year, and will be replaced by performance max.


If you assign a low budget such as $16 per day, when using automation it is very hard for the system to learn. I recommend $50 per day, and make sure the bidding strategy is not limited.


However, whenever you use automation, you should first use standard shopping to generate data in your account, IE help Google understand what works and what does not work.


The recommended data is to have at least 25 sales in the last 45 days, before you start using any automatic campaigns.

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Thanks, Emmanuel! Great input! 

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