Why did my face book ad suddenly stop working- any ideas?!

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I was getting between 1-3 sales per day before from a facebook ad that was a lookalike-buyers conversion ad based on the purchase event. Then I changed it from a 7 day to a one day click and the ad literally stopped working over night. I got far fewer clicks, paid 4 times more for each click and completely stopped making sales. I changed it back again to a 7 day click within 2 days but a week later and it just didn't improve. So I stopped the ad and started again with another ad but lookalike buyers ads won't work now because it's now been too long ago since someone bought. So I have now changed it to a regular conversion ad with add-to carts as the conversion rather than purchases (because there were enough add to carts to give the ad data but not enough purchases). I was hoping after enough add to carts I'd be getting more and more puchases so that I could do 'purchase' as a conversion again but I'm not getting enough add to carts and the ones I get are not converting. If you know anything about facebook ads and what to do, please let me know! I'll post this bit seperately incase anyone does! Just to be clear none of these problems are down to running out of an audience - there was a big one and no one was seeing the ad twice.

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Hi Zoe, 

I am going to go point by point: 

1. Ad stopped working overnight after you changed the duration from 7-day to 1-day: this, I think is pretty straightforward. The audience size might have been small. With a 1-day click, Facebook doesn't have too much to go by to create an accurate audience. Also, when you edit an existing campaign, you lose data of your previous campaigns. So next time, whenever you're changing anything, I'd suggest make a new ad. If you're changing the copy / creative, create a new ad. If you're changing audience / placement, create a new ad set and if you're changing objective, create a new campaign. 

2. Ads not working for current lookalike audiences: I guess, that's mostly because your audience is based on purchases / add to carts. Lookalike audiences are refreshed every 7-days. So mostly it's because the seed audience isn't that big.

You can address this by increasing the overall traffic to your website. Use OrangeTwig to drive traffic to your website from social media. 

You have a pixel on your website. Retarget your ads to people who visit your website or checkout your products page. 

Again, for this you can't just rely on Ads for Traffic. Organic works well in the long run and especially for building a brand. You haven't connected your social channels on your website. Connect them. Social channels help establish trust.

The problem with trying to grow on social media is that it takes time and effort. And that’s why, I’d suggest that you pick one channel and grow your following on that. I’d say, choose Instagram. Posts on Instagram get better engagement and users who come to website through Instagram are much less likely to bounce off. Your niche is fantastic for Instagram. 

Not just that, it’s also easier to grow on Instagram than on other channels. Just use the right combination of hashtags and post engaging content.

Here are tips for content: 47 content ideas 

And if you can, develop a visual theme. Instagram really rewards that. Tips are mentioned here: How to develop a visual theme 

Now about Hashtags, I can’t think of any tool better than OrangeTwig’s hashtag research tool. You’ll get a comprehensive list of trending and related hashtags. The list is updated real-time and you can add lists to your posts automatically.

Learn more about the tool here: Hashtag Research Tool 

There’s also a FREE TRIAL, so you can get started for FREE: OrangeTwig 

There’s a lot more in the Insta-Success toolkit. For instance, you’ll also be able to make your posts clickable. Basically, you’ll be able to take users to specific products instead of taking them to a generic home page / products page. This is brilliant for conversions.

I noticed that you have a Free Shipping coupon. Why don't you promote this on your social channels? And then you can boost the Facebook post. That'll get your page engagement and likes. Then you can run ads to the custom audience of people who like or engage with your Facebook page. Use OrangeTwig to promote your offers, discounts and products. Here are some samples: 

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That’s my 2-cents for you. I hope this helps. 

- Karan 

You can also ask your specific questions on Seller Success Facebook group 

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