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Why do my visitors not convert into buyers?

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Hi all,

We are running our online store next to 2 physical locations. We started our online Shopify store now about 5 years ago and have done a lot of things like:

  • improving the look & feel
  • post and add on Facebook (our page has about 21.000 likes)
  • do email campaigns
  • use Adwords
  • use SEO manager app
  • popups
  • bi-lingual Vietnamese and English

This all resuts in approx 1500 to 2000 visitors a Month but only a few sales. Now we are in Vietnam and online shopping is still in the development stage where-as at the same time a lot of private persons are selling stuff on Facebook. Now of course I can not check if they are really selling or only trying to.

Our products do sell good at the physical locations so that makes me wonder if we should make the business more personal or so.

Suggestions that we can work on are more then welcome.

Now I am curious to learn where I go wrong or forget something....


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I am not sure if the products you are selling are private label or not. For non-private label products, I had a similar setup, a physical store and an online website! One thing I realised was that when I am selling online, my customers can easily compare the product I am selling with 1000 other websites in no time.

I had similar problems of conversion. When I digged deeper, I realised that for all my products, there was always a competitor selling it at a cheaper price. That's when I decided to do competitive intelligence on all my products and automated for certain high selling products to be always the cheapest in the market (even if I lost money on few of them). I wanted to test if my hypothesis was right or not. The result? I was right! When I made my product the cheapest, my sales increased. 

Conclusion: You have to know at every step how are you competitively placed wrt to the price of your products.

PS: Not saying making it the cheapest will work always, but I tested my hypothesis and it turned out to be right!

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Hi RM,

Thanks for the input. No we only sell our own branded products so they are not direct comparable. We have a strict pricing policy also with our wholesale clients.

We are not the cheapest in the market but that is also what we don't want to be. We want to offer the best product at a reasonable price. Of course you can just compare 100g soap with any other 100g of soap but that is to simple. Will dig deeper for sure.


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Hi Good day

We have an online tshirt printing shop. We do direct to garment printing DTG... Our website is 

It is a ecommerce shopify site.

We have noticed that we are getting a lot of traffic on a daily basis but not converting to sales, we have run numerous sales via our Facebook page and which has been generating traffic also. We have also been paying for Google AdWords to keep us on top of the search page... If anyone could please take a look at our site and give their input or guidance on how to start converting our traffic to sales would be much appeared .