Why does my Facebook dynamic retargeting ad keep failing?

Why does my Facebook dynamic retargeting ad keep failing?

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Hi there!


I just set up my ad account with facebook this evening in order to start a facebook retargeting ad through shopify that lives on in order to always be retargeting my customers on the FB platform. However when I created a campaign in shopify it keeps giving me this error message and I have gone through so many blog posts etc to figure it out but have never been more lost. Is any developer out there able to help make sure my pixel is set up correctly on my site etc? and why this campaign keeps erroring out? 

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Hello @goodmorningbaby  what are you selling actually. send your store link and lets see. and also facebook ads campaign  is not the only means by which you will get conversions . 


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Hi there! I sell mostly children's clothing: https://goodmorning-baby.com/



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1. You shouldn't be creating the ads from Shopify.
2. Facebook ads should only be created from Facebook Ads Manager only.
3. For creating Re-Marketing campaign one should have enough data in the Pixel to target the warm prospect audeinces.
4. Yes Feel-Free to reach us out so that we can help you to have better understanding of Facebook ads campaigns and will also look into the pixel if has any errors.

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Hi Goodmorningbaby! 


Maybe you should check Customerlytics on Shopify App Store. You can create detailed lookalike audience by location, purchase range and purchase frequency for your Facebook ads and increase ad conversion rates.