Why is cAPI tracking not attributing over 60% of conversions between Facebook and Shopify?

Why is cAPI tracking not attributing over 60% of conversions between Facebook and Shopify?

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Hello Everyone!
Does anyone experience tracking / attribution issues with cAPI tracking between Shopify and Facebook?
Pixel is installed via Facebook Sales channel app. Maximal data sharing is enabled. Domain is verified.
Didn't have such issues before. But I can clearly see that more then half of conversions are not attributed to campaigns from the Event manager. So, basically, we have more then 60% of conversions which are sent to event manager, but are not attributed.
Shopify receives UTMs from FB, so on conversion summary we can see total amount of orders from FB within Shopify. And more then 60% of these conversions are not attributed in Ads Manager.
Would really appreciate any tips!
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Hey @Ovation,


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Proper conversion attribution is definitely important for tracking how well your marketing is doing. Conversions API is something fully supported by Facebook and if something is not being attributed properly in their analytics they should definitely look into it for you and sort it out. 


Facebook changes their contact methods fairly frequently, but I've found the most success by going from your Facebook Business Manager. From here you will want to hover over the side bar and click Commerce.




From here, you will want to click on Report a Problem




From there you can click Report a Problem a second time and it will bring up an email form that looks like this: 




Fill that out and you should receive a response from Facebook support directly! If you do not see chat available, wait a bit and try again. Sometimes they take their chat down, but it does become available again later. 


Let me know if you have any other questions!

Jacqui | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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Hey, Jacqui!

Thank you for your response.
I was getting in touch with them already several times, but they didn't help me with it.
From their words - everything works as it should. But I can clearly see via UTM_campaign tagging, 
that I have 2/3x times more conversions from FB ads, then it's being attributed to campaigns.

Anyway, maybe some one knows a different way to install FB pixel but not via FB sales channel? 
Like via iframe pixel or just manual installation? 
Also, need to take into the account that with our plan we do not have access to checkout.liquid file, so if it will affect the manual installation?