Why is Google not indexing all pages of my online store?

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My Shopify webshop has benn open about one and a half months now. I uploaded the sitemap to Google Search Console three times. My problem is Google not crawls my pages. Only the index page and one category page has been indexed. I tried to ask to crawl manually on the Google Search Console, but nothing happened.

Can you help me could be wrong on my webshop? My shop is: familiafarmacia.es



Familia Farmacia

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Hello FamiliaFarmacia,

I’m sorry that you’re facing this issue.

Well, I carried out my research and found that it usually takes over a week for Google to index the website after the sitemap has been submitted to the Google Search Console. I would suggest you wait if you’ve recently submitted the sitemap.

There can be other possible reasons that your website is not getting indexed by Google, which include:

  • Certain plugins are enabled on the website that block Google search engine crawlers or bots from crawling the website
  • The website is not mobile-friendly
  • The website takes too long to load
  • There is a redirect loop for the webpage
  • Robots.txt file blocks crawlers from indexing the webpage

Hope it helps!




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Hi @FamiliaFarmacia ,


There are several reasons why Google may not index your website. Especially for a new website, Google may take a few weeks or months to evaluate it. This depends on whether your website has been well-optimized, including factors such as Sitemap and robots.txt, website structure, content quality, internal & external links, etc.


After examining our website, we have identified that the issue you are facing is that your website is not well-optimized, and the content development progress is relatively slow. This could be the primary reason for the situation your website is currently experiencing.

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