Why is my Google Analytics not working on my Dawn theme?

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I have followed the instructions and googled the **** out of this, i cannot find the solution. 


Set up a google campaign everything seems fine there, took my tracking ID, pasted it into the Google Analytics preference section on my Dawn theme on Shopify, and everything is saved. Set enhanced features on both sides.


Still get this when i try and test it:


"No Google Analytics was found on your website. Please follow the snippet installation instructions and try again.

Any ideas on why this is not working and how to fix it, without going the manual coding route?
Thanks JP
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There is a script on your store that is producing a TypeError:

It's name StickyHeader is probably an app. This may not be the problem, but I have seen such script errors interfere with Google Analytics. A quick fix is to remove the app then see how that goes.

I've used Chrome's Google Analytics debugger tool chrome extension on your website and no analytics tags load. The only thing clear to me is this error so it's a good place to start. A screenshot of your Google Analytics section in Shopify admin and any additional scripts can also help confirm what you see.

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